Friday, January 27, 2012

Wet Wet Wet

What's worse than the first week back at school?
A wet first week back at school, that's what!

It's been raining pretty much non-stop for days.
The rivers are rising.
The ground is soggy.
Everything in the house feels damp.

And doing the school drop off and pick up is a nightmare in this weather.
Because to be honest, 'drowned rat' is not my best look.
I'm thinking some of these might help...

wet wet wet
PS I never wear a LBD to school!

But then again, it wouldn't really.
Because it's getting in and out of the car that's the issue. *
It's not just me, it's two kids, three umbrellas, school bags, school hats...
And how are you supposed to strap the kids in with an umbrella?
I manage to get wet every single time!
I know everyone has this problem.
I just wish someone would come up with a solution.
Like a giant umbrella that opens up from the roof of the car.
Yeah, that would work.

Wouldn't it?

* Yes, we live approximately 400m from the school, and yes, I drive when it rains.


  1. It always seems to be heavier right on school pick up time too!
    We're flooded in here near caboolture! What's worse than the rain during the first week back at school is that my daughter has only attended 2 days this week due to all this water!
    Excuse me while I put my floaties on!!!

  2. I open my umbrella as I open the door, and that seems to work. I don't think we're going to have the rain problem here next week, although it did rain all yesterday in Perth. xx

  3. The first week back at school always seem to command crazy weather.
    I hope next week is more comfortable.

  4. Haha, you make me laugh Thea. I often think how great it would be to have GIANT umbrella, because let's face it, the piddly ones we use just aren't cutting it, in the big wets we've been experiencing lately. It's wet wet wet here too and I really don't like that damp feeling around the house, yuck :o( Maybe a drizabone would do it, but probably a bit hot for Summer. Back to the drawing board xo

  5. New to this blog and loving this post.
    My eldest starts school on Monday and it's going to be wet, not how I pictured her first day of school, not looking forward to waiting for the school bus in the rain. I'm thinking short of wearing wet weather sailing gear I will always get wet strapping kids in the car when it rains, but wet weather gear isn't an option for being seen in public.


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