Sunday, February 26, 2012


Who would have thought our town would be flooded two years running?
Today the highway was cut again, for about 12 hours.
I felt so sorry for the stranded travellers, just sitting in their cars, with little kids, for hours and hours.
It didn't peak as high as last year. So the main street was safe.
But all of the local bridges, many roads and a handful of businesses went under.
And as much as it is a disastrous event for many, it is still a spectacle of just how awesome nature can be.
Clearly others feel the same way because on my tour of flood waters today I saw the Nikons, Canons and their owners out in force.
It was a strange flood because this time we missed most of the rain.
Friday night saw a massive dump of storm water in the catchment areas south of us and it all ended up right here.
As you can see in some of my photos from today.

Channel 7 news reporter, in her gum boots

We're on the hill behind this park, so we're high and dry.

The duck pond, about 3 times its normal size.


  1. Far OUT Thea... that's incredible. Drove past many of these places last week... we have had no-where near as much as last year.

    Stay safe and dry!

  2. Oh wow! Lucky you're on the hill! xx

  3. Wow!
    That's amazing - from the comfort of my dry home.
    :-) x

  4. My goodness Thea, I'm always staggered at the immense and powerful nature of water. And of course, where it all comes from! Fantastic photos, you've really captured the enormity of it all. Glad you're high and dry and safe xo

  5. Wow Thea ... I missed all this clearly! Or did it just not make the news? Thank goodness it wasn't worse. You are right, another example of how mighty nature can be. Glad you are all safe and dry.

  6. Is that Gympie? Gosh that is a lot of can businesses cope with going under? So glad to read that you guys were ok - we have had rain but not that much that we are cut off from leaving where we are staying!
    Take care :)

    1. Yes it is Lisa. There are really only a few businesses that get flooded. But everyone knows where the flood zone is and they go under every time. Beats me why they rent that space!

  7. Great pics! Glad to see that you and your family were safe :)
    For some reason, I thought you lived in Brisbane! lol


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