Saturday, March 17, 2012


Top o' the mornin' to you.
And Happy St Patrick's Day!

When my boy was in Prep, two years ago, his teacher told him if he caught a leprechaun on St Patrick's Day, it would grant him 3 wishes.
So this morning, from the minute he woke up, he has been on the lookout for one.
He was sure he heard something in the bushes.
We are all on 'leprechaun watch'.

He has his wishes sorted and ready to go, just in case.
They are -

1. A really big ship with a motor (he is into ships at the moment).
2. A billion dollars.
3. A big pot of gold.

Great wishes, don't you think?

That got me thinking, what would I wish for...
It's harder than I first thought.

Of course I could go for the obvious ones -

1. An endless supply of money.
2. An endless supply of wishes.
3. That about covers it really.

But really, my 3 wishes, just in case I happen to catch a leprechaun, are -

1. A big home with LOTS of storage and an ocean view.
2. Permanent health for my family.
3. Enough money to travel and donate to worthy causes and charities without ever having to work again.

So that's mine.

Imagine you just caught a leprechaun.
What are your 3 wishes?


  1. Three wishes, huh? I think it's harder to think of THE three than we realize. I would wish for enough money to rid ourselves of the stress and set our kids up for the future. 2. Healthy, happy children from now until they are old and grey. 3. An xtra three hours a day!

  2. Aaahh - storage. Sweet, sweet storage.
    Health and wealth also appeal of course!!
    :-) x


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