Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Muddy Puddles

Peppa Pig is pretty popular in our house.
Both of my children have been known to stop what they're doing and watch in silence.
Don't you love it when that happens?
I'm not surprised, Peppa is rather cute.

This is one of their favourite episodes...

And almost every time it comes on Miss 4 says,
"I wish I could jump in muddy puddles."

When I was a child growing up on a dairy farm the opportunities to jump in muddy puddles were endless.
And it wasn't always just mud, if you get what I mean.
Sometimes I feel sorry for my kids, not being about to roam freely around a big country space like I did.
We live in a town with bitumen roads, concrete paths and driveways, and a green lawn.

However, there is one place where Miss 4 has the opportunity to jump in muddy puddles.
And ironically it's one of our biggest grievances.
We have a street at the front of our block and we also have a lane at the back.
The lane is supposed to be maintained by the council but they have overlooked it for years and it has become very rough and full of potholes. We have compained about it but nothing has been done to fix it.

But, do you know what?
After a bit of rain, which we have had recently, it's full of muddy puddles!
And perfect for Miss 4 to jump in.

So today she did.
And as you can see, she loved it!!

As an added bonus this morning, we also got caught out in the rain.
Oh, what fun!


  1. Yay... and you didn't melt ... love getting caught in the rain - it makes me smile ;)

  2. Gorgeous. There's nothing like a bit of good, clean, muddy FUN! (Just ask the cow who was chewing her cud, as she went for a drink and got stuck in the mud! ;) )

    But seriously, there IS a certain delicious delight in mud and rain. Kids need to experience these simple pleasures.

  3. I'm often a bit of a control and neat freak when it comes to my kids, if you recall my hesitation when our kids were on the trampoline in the rain!

    But lately I've relaxed. Life is too short and they're such simple, fun things for kids to do. I've realised that, at worst, clothes will wash and so will kids. I do still freak a little if they traipse it through the house though ;)

    Peppa is a fave in our house too!

  4. Great kid fun! She looks like she's loving it, yay!

  5. peppa is the gas! - It's only mud. Glad you had a great morning. I am home alone today. Plenty to do. But nothing as grand as puddles.

  6. Muddy Puddle are Awesome!! I can't wait until Hannah is old enough to have fun in them!!!

  7. Awww, Miss 4 is just lovely! Jumping in muddy puddles is fun. I used to LOVE the rain when I was little, running around the yard with bare feet and my brolly xo

  8. Yay!
    I love when kids can be kids.
    :-) x

  9. I love Peppa Pig too! Pity my kids are too old for that show now. Not too old for jumping in muddy puddles though. What fun!

  10. Peppy Pig is a big hit in our house too.
    Nothing better than fun in the mud, especially when they can get the gumboots out.
    Very cute photos.

  11. EVERYONE loves jumping in muddy puddles! x

  12. My boys still love Peppa Pig and they love mud puddles too.
    She looks in her element.

  13. Muddy puddles = happy memories. She looks like she had a ball!


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