Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Bedroom Makeover

Nine years ago when we moved into this house, I was thrilled with our large bedroom at the front of the house. It has two walls of windows, one whole wall of built in cupboards, and gorgeous views over our town. We have a lovely silver frame bed and I chose the colour scheme of lilac. We bought a nice wall print of a white lily on a lilac background from IKEA. I painted the cupboard doors in metallic lilac, made block-out roman blinds for the windows, then made sheer purple curtains which were so pretty billowing in the breeze.

Then...all of a sudden I was over purple! I was all purpled out...

So, we repainted the cupboard doors beige, took down the purple curtains and replaced them with sheer white ones. And tossed the pretty lilac quilt cover for a gorgeous cream Kylie at Home cover embossed with silver embroidery and diamantes!


This is the one we have, just the quilt cover & two pillow cases, not all the other stuff!

And then suddenly, the room was devoid of colour...and very boring. *Sigh*

So I decided that I wanted to introduce duck egg blue and soft golds or beige. I've searched and searched for a wall print (because our old one has faded to almost white) in those colours but to no avail. I considered getting one of my photos printed on a canvas but I can't find the right one. So I'm still searching...

Almost gone

A few weeks ago we pulled down the roman blinds (that I spent hours making) because they were mildew ridden and festy! We bought some new white and beige curtains from IKEA...and still we have no colour.

On the weekend, however, I popped into Spotlight on a whim and discovered that they were having a 30% off sale on cushions. And I found some things that I liked! Not in duck egg blue, but teal. So I've changed my thoughts to teal and aqua. I bought one gorgeous teal cushion with a silver thread, and two aqua covers that I just need to buy inserts for (I was in a rush, couldn't get them on the day).

Now I'm on the hunt for a teal/aqua throw for the end of the bed. I can't decide whether to buy one of these or hit the big smoke of the Sunny Coast to find something in the shops...

...and the perfect wall print! Something like this might be nice...

I altered the colour of one of my photos

It's all still a work in progress, but one day I hope it's just right!
If only my sewing table didn't have to be in the bedroom :(

Oh yes, what a mess!
And I just noticed that the stool still has a purple cover. Better change that too!

Do you like your bedroom?
What is your colour scheme?
Or is it still a work in progress, like mine?


I finally found the perfect print.
I totally LOVE it...

Almost done....


  1. Love the selections so far. It is going to look amazing:)

  2. I like the EBay (Honeycomb?) throw. I'm not sure why, I just think it looks the best.

    I just went to the site. I'm in love with the Audrey. I've been on the hunt for new bedding for literally about 3 years, but never really found the right thing (at the right time/price). Think I might have found it.

  3. Ooh. Maybe the Voda. Or the Alice? I think the Audrey.....crap.

    1. Hehe! Decisions....decisions....
      It's hard, huh? :)

  4. I like the first throw, so plushy and soft.
    Second it's a great idea to use one of your photographs. The one you have on this post is stunning!

    "Why take photos if not to show them off?" is what my partner keeps telling me - Me thinks the man has a point, don't you? ;)

    Good luck with your update (my house is a constant work in progress - I get bored with rooms oh so easily. Poor hubby lol)

  5. p.s. This last time the hubby convinced me to stick to white walls and curtains and it's been the best decision ever. It's so much easier to update the room via splashes of colour through throw cushions etc than change big structural things AND the back drop of calm, neutral white really makes those colours you decide to insert pop.

    Loving the teal, aqua, white & blue are a lovely combination by the way :)

    1. Thanks Katerina! I think the blank canvas is best now too. Then it's easy to change the colour scheme. I think I will go will my own photo! :)

  6. Love it, my house is beige city - boring! I wish I had the money to pay for all the great things I want to do to my house... One day, maybe, one day.

    1. Beige city is cool! Just find a few bright features in your favourite colour to make it pop! :)

  7. Hehe, you've picked my choice of colours. I've only changed my bedroom colours twice in 15 years lol

    1. Ha! Clearly we both have excellent taste! ;)

  8. I am in desperate need of a bedroom make over myself. Lucky for me my mum gave me an IOU for new doona cover. Yay!

  9. I keep forgetting that you are writing on this blog! Must add it back to my bloglist! My bedroom is a work in progress too, but we're finally getting there! Maybe by Christmas, it will look how I want it to look - like a display home, lol! xx

    1. Thanks Wendy! Yes, a display home look would be very nice!!
      I'm not here very often anymore, but occasionally I feel the need. :)


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