Tuesday, October 30, 2012

On The Move?

We've been living in this house for nine years and twenty-six days.
We were renting next door and always liked the character of this house,
which was empty and very badly neglected for awhile before an auction sign popped up in front of it.
We made the decision to come over to the auction, and possibly make a bid.
When we realized we had made the winning bid (at our very first auction), we were excited, nervous and a little bit shocked.

There was a lot of work to do. But at the time I expected that we would get tradesmen to do most of it.
My husband, however, had other ideas.
He is very handy, and very clever, and worked out how to do pretty much everything all by himself.
Painting...guttering...landscaping...drainage...moving windows...tiling...he's done everything!
The only things left to do are the kitchen and polishing the floors.
Both cause major inconvienence, so we've decided they won't be done until we move out.

Which is the next thing on the cards.
We've always known this is not our 'forever' home.
We'd like more space and more peace and quiet.
So we've been looking for a block of land not too far out of town.
This is where we keep going back to...

Nice, huh?

I'm really hoping this will be where we make our new home.
I can see us living there.
Now I just need the universe to help us make it happen.


  1. A forever home. That's what I'm hoping the Universe will give me too. (PS, I do think your current home looks lovely also!) Good luck with your dreams.

    1. Thanks Bronnie. I love this house, too. But we'd love some more space. :)

  2. It will happen!
    Your dream block looks very peaceful
    Pen x

    1. Thanks Penny, it is so peaceful out there! :)

  3. So exciting Thea, c'mon universe!!

    1. It is exciting! Yeah universe....c'mon!! :)

  4. Wow, sounds exciting Thea. Wishing you well as always xo

  5. Ooo exciting times Thea, there is always a feeling of anything being possible when you're planning to move or actually moving somewhere new. I don't blame you for putting off the kitchen and floors until you move out... speaking from someone who is currently in the midst of a kitchen reno, it kinda sucks! I hope the universe comes to the party for you real soon xo

  6. Thank you Julie!! It feels so close, yet so far away still. :)


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