Thursday, November 15, 2012

Proposals...Did you get one?

Downton Abbey is such a favourite of mine, I can't even tell you how much I love it.

After just watching the TV ad for the new series I'm enamoured over Matthew's proposal to Mary.
I've been wanting this since the series started.

But I do feel a little sad that I never got that...proper *proposal*.
Did you?

I did get one, but it was for the wrong marriage.

Married twice, proposed to once...wrong one!

Should I still be hanging onto that?
Or should I get over it??

If you have a great proposal story I'd love to hear it.


  1. For us, because we were in a long distance relationship, we talked a lot about marriage. Then, hubby came to Canada and I knew it was for a proposalso it was not a surprise. But, I thought it was great he actually made the trip for the proposal. Then, we went to New York when he came and we kind of confirmed that we want to get married together. So, there was no big proposal on the knees and everything but that's fine. The important thing is that our relation is now one of love and respect.

  2. Funny you should write about this. My wife and I have chuckled about it for the last 40 years, :-)

    Sandy and I met in the very first class we both had in college. For a long time she was just one of my friends and was going out with other boys. Eventually we started going out, and except for one period of time in college, we were together for most of our time there. In that time there just came a point where we both simply assumed that we would be getting married and many of our conversations were about our future life together.

    As we approached graduation we simply started talking about when we should schedule the wedding ... I never formally proposed nor was there ever a particular moment that we could say began our engagement. However, at our next anniversary we will have been married 39 years.

  3. Oh - so what I guess I was saying - knowing how happy a marriage you have ... yes, you should get over it. ;-)

  4. Tom would often go away for work for weeks at a time. We wrote emails regularly and spoke daily but I wanted an old fashioned letter. Never got one. So one day almost two years after meeting he tells me he got bored and wrote me letter, we had just arrived at a restaurant for dinner so I shoved it in the glove box and said I'd read it later. He told me I had to read it inside. It was no ordinary letter, written on beautiful paper, 7 (small) pages long and being hungry i skimmed the words until at the end i saw 'Will you marry me?'.

    It is lovely to have it written down and every now and again I reread and remember the silliness of that night, before and after the proposal.

    Sorry Mr Hubs didn't propose as such, but I do believe Mark is right, wouldn't you prefer no proposal and a happy marriage than the opposite?

  5. Yep, get over it. Forgive and let it go. Focus on what's wonderful because you can't change what's already done and if you really can't let it go... Talk to hubby about it... Ask him to make a new memory that matches a happy marriage. Xxx

  6. No, I didn't get a proposal, I got a statement. We met online and, after chatting for several hours a couple of days in a row, my new friend stated, 'I'm going to marry you lady,'
    About eighteen months later, after the ceremony concluded, he smiled down at me and said
    'See? I told you I was going to marry you.'

  7. No - no real proposal. It went like this ..... "so if I asked you to marry me what would you say?". "Well you will have to ask me to find out." "No, I want to know what you would say before I ask." Round and round in circles until finally I said ..... "I would say yes. Are you asking?" "Yep I am asking."

    No romance in it at all.


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