Wednesday, November 21, 2012


Do you talk in your sleep or dream aloud?
Last night I discovered I do.

It was about the same moment that I was rudely awoken by a few gentle *thumps* on my back that I realized that I was verbalizing my dream.
It wasn't a pleasant dream. I was upset, I was trying to yell out, but the words wouldn't come out right.

I heard it, I heard how I sounded when my husband woke me.
It was freaky. I scared myself. Clearly I scared him too...hence the gentle *thumping*.

When I mentioned it to him this afternoon he said I often talk in my sleep.
What the hell am I saying? I don't even want to know!
He said usually he just listens along but last night he said "it wasn't me".
I asked what he meant. I said I knew I sounded strained, I heard myself.
He said, "No, it wasn't you. It was like you were possessed."

Freaking what??
Way to freak me the hell out, dude!

Now I'm almost too scared to go to sleep tonight.
I feel weird.
Like I've exposed too much of myself, but it wasn't even myself that I exposed.

Clearly I'm a little piqued right now.

Am I psycho?

Am I a freak?

Has this ever happened to you??

Please tell me I'm not nuts!


  1. Oh love, I walk, talk, shout in my sleep. Have had night frights (different to nightmares, uses a different part of the brain so you are partially awake), nightmares, insomnia and all the rest. Sadly, though I cannot offer you consolation because I am as mad as a March Hare. You seem quite sane and sensible though, I'm sure it's just this one little quirk :D

    1. I hope so Alison! Thanks so much for your comment!! :)

  2. i once bit my poor husband's nose in my sleep … have NO idea what i was dreaming about! i reckon we all probably go through stages of sleep disturbances. xt

    1. Oh no Tracey! That's so crazy it's funny!! Thanks for making me feel a bit better. x

    2. I guess there could have been worse things to do and worse places to bite ...

      Reconstructing THAT dream would be interesting. :-0

  3. When I was young I used to talk in my sleep all the time. I once scared the heck out of an Assistant Scoutmaster on a Boy Scout camping trip when I was in my teens.

    But when I was very young, and I shared a room with my brother and sister, my sister also talked in her sleep and we used to have full conversations while we both were sound asleep!

    1. It wasn't so much the fact that I was talking, it was that I sounded like an evil demon! Scared the bejesus out of me...and Hubba!!


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