Thursday, January 3, 2013

Top 10 Most Beautiful Women

I've just been watching Nigella Lawson on the Teev and she has prompted me to write this post.
Thanks Nigella!

Forget the "Top 10 Sexiest Men" list...this one is all about the ladies!

Do you have girl crushes?
I do.
These are the women I watch and cannot take my eyes off.
In my opinion they have grace and style in abundance.
You may disagree...that's fine, like I said, this is my opinion.
I'd love to hear yours.

Anyhow, here's my Top 10 - 

1. Ava Gardner (yep, that's where my daughter's name came from!)

2. Rita Hayworth - I always prefered her with her with Fred Astaire over Ginger Rogers.

3. Ann Margaret - Who could forget her with Elvis in 'Viva Las Vegas'?

4. Nigella Lawson - say no more

5. Princess Diana - She was my first (and only) idol.

6. Nicole Kidman - Beautiful. That is all.

7. Kylie Minogue - She's the same age as me...I've loved her since "Neighbours"!

8. Charlize Theron - Simply gorgeous.

9. Ashley Judd - Natural beauty.

10. Katy Perry- Stunning.

OMGoodness, I cannot believe I forgot her!
Last minute entry...

11. Catherine, the Duchess of Cambridge - Diana would be so proud of William.

So then, who are yours?
Would love to know.

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  1. Hmmm . . . my 10 women would be (in no particular order).

    Meryl Streep
    Julia Roberts
    Sandra Bullock
    Jennifer Gardner
    Maggie Smith
    Anne Hathaway
    Helen Mirren
    Emma Thompson
    Jessica Tandy

    Have a great day!

  2. What a great list! Jennifer Connelly. I think she is stunning and classy. Rachel x

  3. I don't know if I could list them all here, it would take all day!i do think Ashley Judd is gorgeous. And I must admit to having a thing for Grace Kelly, I've always thought she was the epitome of beauty and elegance

  4. There are 2 who come to my mind now: Bjork and Audrey Tautou.

  5. Not sure if this is my top ten but these are some women that I think are beautiful - off the top of my head: Agree with Ava Gardner, Charlize Theron, Ashley Judd..Also - Bridget Bardot, Miranda Kerr, Brooke Shields, Scarlett Johannsen, Sophia Loren, Grace Kelly, Elizabeth Taylor, Audrey Hepburn. Oops - that's 11! ;-) (visiting from #FYBF)

  6. I'm with you on Charlize Theron, gorgeous, smart and talented! I also love Lady Di, she was my idol from a young age. Emily

  7. Yes, those are some lovely ladies indeed - but I only got to see one of them in person. We saw Ann Margaret in Las Vegas in 1976. Great performer as well. :-)

  8. I love the classic beauties you have listed and would have to add Audrey Hepburn to that list - there is something about them that is timeless. True grace and beauty!

  9. These are definitely some beautiful women. In my list I think I'd have: marisa tomei, natalie portman, shakira, Katherine hepburn.

    that's all I can think of at the moment.

  10. Hmmm Audrey Hepburn, Sophie Loren, Jackie Kennedy Onassis, and our own Princess Mary :-)

    1. Just read yours after adding my own. I agree with all those adds! Sophia Loren, what an amazing beauty.

  11. Last minute update...let's make that top 11!!
    I'm kicking myself for forgetting Kate!

  12. Definitely all gorgeous women.
    I think I'd add Winona Ryder and Audrey Hepburn.
    Nice list! :D

  13. Great choices!

    Our very own beautiful Crown Princess Mary from Tassie.
    She is such an incredible beauty.
    I hope she is as happy as she looks.

  14. You're so right that Diana would be so proud of William. I often think the same thing when I see him wit Kate.

  15. Great list! I don't know who my top 10 women would be. Audrey Hepburn and Grace Kelly would be 2 in the list for sure. And I have a soft spot for Jennifer Aniston :) x

  16. Beautiful list. I love Audrey Hepburn, simple beauty.
    Please check out my blog and enter my competition.

    Amanda xo

  17. oh those are definitely some beauties. My 10 ... Katherine Heigl, Halle Berry, Princess Grace, Charlize Theron, Iman, Aishwarya Rai,Catherine Deneuve, Diahann Carroll, Jessica Alba, Natalie Wood

  18. I am glad you added Catherine - I agree Princess Di would be smiling down on her son.

  19. Princess Dyna is also my favorite.She was the most beautiful women .

  20. These are my ten faves...Grace Kelly, Naomi Watts, Rita Hayworth, Keira Knightley, Mila Kunis, Rachael MacAdams, Kate Winslet, Tyra Banks, Jennifer Lopez, Amanda Seyfried. Fun post!


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