Friday, April 12, 2013

Good Food...Healthy Kids

I'm very mindful of what our family eats these days...who isn't, right?
And while I know a lot about what is good, what is right, what is healthy...
I'm not so good at putting it into practice.
I always was better at theory than practical :(
I have two kids.
My eight year old boy won't eat meat, apart from bacon and sausages.
Fortunately he will eat a wider variety of fruits, vegetables, herbs, cheeses and milk.
He's one of those kids who will not try new things. Nothing on his plate can touch anything else.
He is extremely fussy (understatement of the year!).
My five year old girl loves meat! Lamb chops are her favourite.
She will try almost anything and loves to eat.
But she does not like vegetables...not even mashed potato...neither does my boy.
I don't get that. I loved mashed potato as a kid!

The problem is I'm not very adventurous in the kitchen.
I don't like to cook or bake.
I know, I'm a bad mum.
I have Jessica Seinfeld's Book and a lot of it sounds and looks fabulous,
and also too much bother.

So what I'm really asking for here are some really easy...I'm talking
Do you have any tried and tested, fail safe ideas or recipes that your kids love?
If you do would you please link them up below or leave a link in the comments?
Pretty please......

I'll be eternally grateful.


  1. I have the deceptively delicious book. Once you have the purees done it's not too bad. The chocolate cake is sooo good. It tastes like a mudcake but without the heaviness.

    1. Thanks so much for linking a recipe Tegan! I think I need to dig out the book and have another look. What I really need is a blender or food processor!! :)


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