Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Is This True? Or Am I Nuts??

I don't know where I heard or read this, but I'm sure it's true...

A baby girl steals your looks

I know that I have not always been "good looking".

Exhibit 'A'
I also know I grew into my looks in my late teens and I thought I was quite "good looking"...


...well until the birth of my beautiful baby girl.

Now I know for sure I've lost all of whatever looks I ever had.

All I see here is old and fat!

And I'm quite happy to pass them onto my gorgeous daughter.

Sometimes I miss them, but I'd much rather she had them than me.
She is way more beautiful than I ever was anyhow!

So am I nuts?
Have you heard of this?
Has this happened to you?
Or am I just getting old and blaming my little angel?


  1. I think we all feel that way one time or another... we get to capture our own kids at their best and most beautiful because photographing them is second nature to us. When I was a child, photographing someone was quite a rare, expensive and often hit-and-miss thing. It's always up to us to find that gorgeous child within ourselves again... your post has prompted me to try and do just that!

  2. You're being too hard on yourself! You've got a gorgeous smile! And your eyes smile as well. You've got dimples which accentuates your cheekbones, and you screw up your nose a bit which makes you look like fun! Your daughter is über cute but she didn't steal your looks! :)

  3. I heard people saying this when you are expecting a baby girl.But I think after the delivery you can regain your look just you need to work a lot.Pregnancy changes your body to the worse and you need to really work hard to gain it back.

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  4. Can I scold you now?

    First of all - yes - your daughter is quite pretty and I am sure that she gets it from you.

    Now - what makes you think you are not still quite attractive yourself? You are! Please remember that.

  5. Oh, thanks you lot!!
    I didn't write this post for sympathy but I was feeling a bid down on myself.
    Thanks for making me feel better!! xx

  6. You look at your own face in the mirror every day and so you naturally know every tiny, insignificant defect. Over the years you build an inventory of defects you are sure everyone else can see to...

    If only we built another inventory of all the good things to...

    1. Very wise words Tempo! I will endeavour to remember them!! Thank you.

  7. You definitely are beautiful Thea, yet I relate to what you share also. I love seeing the beauty in my own children, a beauty which often amazes me as I have trouble seeing where it came from when I look in the mirror.

    1. Thank you, Karen. I really don't know why we are so hard on ourselves. Perhaps we would be better off without mirrors altogether! :)


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