Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Geniuses, Please Step Up

Where are all the geniuses in the world and why aren't they inventing really important things?? Like...

Food with negative calories

Instantaneous time travel

In home, full body diagnosis & remedy chambers

Dust repellent surfaces & inbuilt ceiling dust inhalers

Child tamers

Money trees

A pause button for aging

Sound proof personal space bubbles that can be expanded & contracted at will

A baby's cot that has the same effect as a moving car

Robotic chefs that cook healthy, wholesome, 100% natural & organic, gourmet meals (and do the shopping)

Did I miss anything?


  1. Love it. Please also add No-calorie, non-liver rotting wine!

  2. could I have forgotten that one!!! Thanks! ;)

  3. What about the robotic kitchen cleaner

    Automatic toilet/bathroom cleaning (with the flick of a switch!)

    Who wants a TomTom what about a TomDriver - yes a car that drives itself when you program in the address :)

    If we had motion cots with car sounds we'd need motion beds with car sounds because we'd never get used to sleeping without motion or noise - bring it on!!!

    Fabric that all dirt shakes clean - dirt falls straight off.

    Fabric that never holds odors - just shake and rehang.

    Oh goodness this list could go on forever!!

    Heaven on earth...

  4. What about something that styled and blow-dryed your hair in seconds. I waste so much time blow-drying my hair in the mornings.

  5. Excellent ideas!!
    Now if we could just get together with an inventor we could change the world and live the good life!! :)


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