Sunday, August 30, 2009

Queensland - Perfect One Day, Summer The Next

Another list...

Perhaps I should start calling my blog "Thea's Blists"

Why I Hate Summer in Queensland

1. I can't drink coffee without practically sweating into it.

2. Just sweating in general....hate it.

3. My kids are up with the birds at dawn, in Summer that's 4am. And if the kids have been up since 4am, I'm going to be worn out and wanting them in bed by 7pm, BUT it's still hot and light and they're probably still playing outside.

4. I have to expose parts of my body that I'm happy to keep hidden during Winter.

5. I fear that I and my two children will be shrivelled up and burnt to a crisp if we are exposed to sunlight between the hours of 9am and 4pm.

6. My kids are not big enough to go into the pool or beach by themselves yet, that means I have to get in, togs!

7. I may as well live in the fridge because if a room/car/shop/sidewalk/park/playground/restaurant/you-get the-idea is not air-conditioned, I don't want to be there.

8. When I'm getting ready to go out (not that that happens often), after blow-drying my hair, I'm as wet as I was in the shower.

9. It's almost too hot to drink red wine.

10. It lasts for nearly six months.


  1. I've always lived on the Gold Coast but this year, it's gone too far. I thought I had at least 3 more months to get beach semi-ready (not bathers) but at least boardshort ready. Not so. Kids are at me to go down the beach. I'm making all the excuses under the sun. Number 9 struck a cord. Bloody give us another few months to drink our red wine weather gods. x

  2. Right there with ya! Here in US, summer seems to be fading away and I am dancing happy! Windows open, a/c off for three days straight now! Bring on the fall!!!!

  3. Ha ha ha! I prefer Summer to Winter but absolutely love the in-between-seasons when the weather is perfect. You can imagine how thrilled I am about Spring!
    My pet peeves about Summer are the mosquitoes! I hate having to lather my kids up in repellant everynight.


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