Saturday, October 31, 2009

My Children's Eyes

One of the many things that amaze and delight me about my children are their eyes.
My boy has the darkest brown eyes, they almost look black.
My girl has crystal blue eyes.
They couldn't be more different.  And it surprises me almost every day.
But both of them get the exact same glint, a sparkle that looks like the sound of the word "squee", when they're giggling with glee or squealing with surprise.
The most humbling thing for me is recognizing in both of them the look that (although I can't see it myself) I know I also get in my eyes.
It is the purest form of joy.


  1. love how they are so different - beautiful!

  2. Said so beautifully, and so true... : )

  3. what beautiful little ppl u have! they are just ADORABLE! and their eyes really are so captivating...!!!


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