Tuesday, November 3, 2009

What My Perfume Says About Me

I think my perfume says a lot about me.  The fact that I have seven (at the moment) says one thing.  Yes, of course it says that I like perfume, but it also says that I get little obsessions from time to time and a couple of years ago I had a perfume one.  My collection is much smaller than it used to be.  I had roughly five large bottles but I had dozens of miniatures.  I had one for every mood and occasion, and frankly a lot that I thought stank!  This obsession descended upon me just after I became a new mum, when for obvious reasons, I did a lot of shopping online.
When I found these websites, Perfume Connection & efragrance, I was a goner.  I particularly loved the efragrance website for telling me which celebrities they thought different fragrances would suit.  So not only does having all of these fragrances say that I'm a little obsessive, I like to smell nice and have pretty things, they also say I'm a little bit Cate Blanchett/Natalie Portman/Britney Spears/Kelly Osbourne/Anne Hathaway/Princess Beatrice/Teri Hatcher/Sonia Kruger/Kylie Minogue/Jennifer Hawkins/Sarah Jessica Parker/Eva Green.  I'm pretty happy with that, apart from perhaps Britney Spears.
My obsession has thankfully subsided into a regular interest and my most recent one was a gift for my birthday LAST year, a little over 12 months ago.  So it must be about time to get a new one...I did quite like my Burberry Brit miniature.

What does your perfume say about you?
Or aren't you a perfume person??


  1. Is it just the perfume or is it the pretty bottles that attract as well??? Me- well I'm provocative!

  2. I love perfume... it doesn't always love me back... eczema blah... I am however obsessed with SJP's Lovely at the moment... and its scent brings back great memories... and Chanel no5, makes me think of my Mum.

  3. I adore perfume. Like Nomie, I'm a fan of Lovely - it's my daily scent. I also love, love, love Tom Ford - any Tom Ford! YSL Elle is another lust-have. Then, today, I saw YSL have a new scent out Parisienne... Want, need, must jot down that wish list for santa...

  4. My wife uses Gwen Stefani ... verrrry nice ;)

  5. Lovely is...well...lovely. Have to put that on my list.
    And now I have to check out Gwen Stefani's....thanks guys! :)


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