Saturday, January 23, 2010

The Delightful Child

Those of us who are brave enough to admit we have a 'difficult' child, will also know that difficult children jump out of their box tagged 'difficult' and into the box tagged 'delightful'...often!!

A delightful child...
  • has a special friend called "Little Po" who is a pillow but is also the 5th member of our family
  • says things like, "Mummy, will you still be my Mummy when we are both in Heaven?"
  • loves to help wash Daddy's car
  • holds your hand and won't let go, especially in crowded places
  • laughs A LOT
  • has an amazing imagination and tells all kinds of wondrous tales
  • sets up a tea party with a place set especially for you
  • has a huge thirst for knowledge and loves learning new things
  • kisses you better when you hurt yourself
  • says the cutest things
  • can make you laugh until you cry
  • loves their cousins and grandparents so much they do a happy dance when they hear they're coming to visit
  • gives you the best cuddles in the world
  • runs to get your shoes for you when you're about to go out
  • just has to look at you with their big brown/blue/green/hazel/grey eyes and your heart melts

Are all children 'delightful' children?  Well of course they are!  I have my own children, I have many nieces and nephews and over a period of 13 years I taught over 500 children.  I never met one that didn't have something to love about them...well, maybe there was just one!

Does everyone get a delightful child?  Or are they just reserved for the lucky ones?  I know I am a lucky one...I have about you??


  1. I love it. But I loved "the other one" as well. :-)

  2. I'm not lucky - just blessed! God created all children to be delightful!

  3. My kids are delightful.. they just seem to get possessed by some sort of evil tantrum demon somtimes :D

  4. Thea, I have just come back to the online world after a couple of days away, and I have to say that I am shocked. Shocked and flabbergasted. I had seen your 'difficult child' post briefly before I went (was in a rush, so didn't comment!), but did not expect to come back to see such controversy over it!

    Some people can be so nasty and should remember - 'If you don't have anything nice to say, don't say anything at all'. I'm sure you're happy for them to offer differing opinions, but nastiness is not necessary.

    However, you've dealt with the whole thing in a very classy manner. Well done you, showing that you're the better person. xo

    I think we all have different aspects to our personalities. We all have a touch of 'difficult' in us, as well as a 'delightful' side. I have only just recently been able to admit that my little girl was a 'difficult' baby, and it's made me realise that it's OK to admit that kids aren't 100% loveliness and smiles. It's normal, and you are showing that we need to talk about it. Otherwise we'll all go mad!

  5. Sometimes aliens kidnap my delightful child and replace her with an evil clone. I am always overjoyed when they return the delightful one!

  6. Sometimes my delightful children are taken over by aliens... we are also having some visits from the pre-puberty hormone monster. Our kids are all delightful, and all difficult... and we love them no matter what!

  7. Another wonderful post, but then I thought the "other" one was also excellent. Let's see what feedback you get this time!

  8. Great post Thea, I hope my comment shows up this time! I did comment on the other post, basically to say that we all have days when we are so frustrated we need to vent, but I rankle a little at "labelling" a child difficult. This is probably because I have some personal issues with labels given to me. Very likely acutally. Whatever. I think all kids have diffulcult times (I have a Jekyl & Hyde 2 yr old atm), and their delightful times. I have no doubt you love your kids beyond all reason, and that they know they are loved. I hope I don't cause offense here, it's truly not my intention, I do love your posts, but I think if you are going to put stuff "out there", and invite comments, then you have to be prepared to hear differing opinions, although I agree there is never a place for nastiness. Peace out!


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