Friday, January 22, 2010

Get Back On The Horse

Well, this morning I was stung by my first negative commenters here on this blog.
I guess really, I should be happy I made it this far without any, right?
I'm a regular blogger now, and as I say in my 'blurb' I blog about what's on my mind.  Sometimes that's not going to sit well with some people.  If I'm going to blog I need to be prepared for that.  I do appreciate that one of the commenters said they usually don't leave negative comments.  I don't either, I haven't yet, have come close but have chosen to walk away and read another blog instead.  But if something makes you feel so strongly sometimes, it's hard not say so.

Anyway, I'm really just blogging right now to get back on the horse, so to speak.  My first reaction was to never blog again, but I don't want that, and I know if I leave it and mull over it for too long I'll be paralyzed by fear.  So here I am, whether you want me or not!  And I have come to my blog primarily to say how astounded and thankful I feel to have such an amazing group of Twitter Tweeps and Blogging Buddies and I want to thank each of you personally for the support you gave me yesterday and today...

Drum roll please....

Miss Carly
Mrs P
Sharpest Pencil
Karen Collum
An Idle Dad
Kerri J


You are all wonderful and your words mean more to me than my words can express.

Now, giddy-up horsey...we've got chores to do!


  1. I feel bad for what I said and it making you not want to blog. But as you acknowledged, for some reason I felt really strongly about it, it haunted me overnight, not sure why - I guess it was from growing up with comments from my own p's who were quick to point out my faults all the time and my own personal vow to parent positively, it struck a nerve! I guess blogging and inviting comments puts us out there for feedback both good and bad- tis the essence of the blogosphere! . Anyway good on you for getting back on your horse, and answering your title "Do I really wanna blog?" turns out , you do. Peace sista.

  2. One of the comments in particular resonated with me: "It's no wonder mothers suffer in silence and are afraid to speak out if they are struggling because they are met with an attack by fellow mums. I for one, thank you for your honesty." I couldn't agree more and am very glad to read that you won't be giving up blogging. xx

  3. So sorry you faced so much negativity, Thea, that really would have stung and I am not sure that I could have been so brave as to jump straight back in with two feet. Well done, keep being brave and honest and real.

  4. Thanks xxx

    Happy to support a fellow mother ;-)

  5. It's your blog, and you can write and vent what ever you feel you need/want to. It's unfortunate that occasionally a bad egg (psychopath)sneaks in and upsets the apple cart. But just remember the rest of us are good eggs and will do our best to protect you.

    Be strong - delete off the negative comments (but of course share them with us first)! Go forth and keep blogging!

  6. Glad to be some help. I've left a few comments over there (even on her new post today) but I won't be back there again.
    You're a good Mum! How do I know? You are capable of introspection and self-doubt.
    Good for you.

  7. Hi Thea,

    I just logged on and was thoroughly thrown by the fact that you 'unfollowed me'.

    You said I was a negative comment. I didn't realise I was. I'm sorry.

    I wrote that I 'got' your post.

    I have 4 children and understand that each and every one is different.

    My 3rd child is difficult. I understand.

    I was reading your post and it inspired me to write my own. My child often (shits me to tears) and that's why I wrote it. I'm trying to be a better mother.

    Being a mother is a hard job and it certainly doesn't require shit from other people. I was just being honest about something that was really hard for me to share, and that has effected my parenting.

  8. I just reread my comment in your other post and realised how it could have come across as sarcastic. I was crying when I wrote it.

    It's like being in high school.

    I think I'm just going to delete my blog, this stuff is stupid.

  9. So glad you didn't give up! x


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