Thursday, January 14, 2010

My Second Love

I've been toying with the idea of a blog post about wedding dresses for some time now.
You see, I totally love wedding dresses.  I love to design them, make them, buy magazines full of them, browse bridal shops, try them on (OK...I used to love trying them on when I was a few sizes smaller...and not married).  I love them hanging in my house or on my dressmaking mannequin.  In fact, there is not much I love more than wedding dresses other than my husband and family!

So, I've been wanting to ask those of you brave enough to share to put up a photo of your wedding dress (with or without you in it).  But I wondered if it was too personal, if I was asking too much.  And then today I read the lovely Chantelle's blog at fat mum slim about her stunning wedding dress and saw the 28 comments and realized people do like to share their wedding dress stories.  I am still wondering if everyone would be as keen to share photos but here goes...I'm bravely asking you to anyway.

You could post a link to a photo in the comments box here or you could put up a post on your own blog.

Of course I'll put mine on in a sec.  I just have to say that I totally adored my dress.  It totally made me feel like a fairy princess.  And I totally do not fit into it today!!  But Jodie (@jodieansted on Twitter) or at Mummy Mayhem commented on another of Chantelle's posts that she could still fit into hers and she is celebrating her 10th wedding anniversary this Saturday!  That is amazing and that sounds like a challenge to me.  My new goal is to fit back into my wedding dress for our 10th anniversary.  I have 2 1/2 years...plenty of time *crossing everything I can!*

Here's mine - 
Yes, it is pink!
It was made by the loveliest twin sisters and amazing designers, Margaret & Michelle at MXM Couture.

I would love to see yours.
If you don't have a wedding dress photo, what about a bridesmaid one?  Formal ??  Debut, even...
Who's brave?


  1. I loved my wedding dress. I was married in 1996. My Hubby pointed it out in a bridal mag, it was $5000. Not even remotely affordable! I had one made very similar to it for $120. A mum whose child I taught the year before I was married owned a bridal store, so she made the basic dress for me at less than retail cost. My mother in law, an expert embroiderer, hand made the (real) gold thread work, and green leaves, my sister (an artist) made the porcelain flowers. I have 1 photo here, and the dress is packed away, the thread work and porcelain have been removed from the dress & are kept separately. I think I can still fit into it.. have never tried, but recently for a laugh, with some old high school friends I put on my leavers dinner dress from 1987!
    I will see if I can scan the photo of wedding dress. Great Idea Thea!

  2. Oh wow!! It sounds divine. I can't wait to see it. xx

  3. Fabulous idea! I will hunt down a piccie. Was actually looking at my wedding photos the other day - reminiscing in time for this weekend! We didn't have a professional photographer - so photos will be pretty basic - but will try and get one to you soon!

    I had always intended to sell mine. It's still in the wardrobe. Not really out of sentimentality - just laziness! I have my memories...

    Great idea!

  4. Oh - BTW! How rude of me. I got carried away with my memories.

    Your is GORGEOUS! You look FABULOUS. I thought: is that pink? And yes! The flowers really compliment it too. x

  5. How funny Jodie...that's exactly what I did on Chantelle's blog today...raved on about my dress(es) then had to put a second comment on because I meant to and forgot to say how beautiful her dress was!! LOL ;)

  6. Loving the pink frock!
    I don't have any pics on the computer - I was pregnant during our 10th year so couldn't fit into my dress then and don't think it would do up now - but I was skinny!!! Now I'm just average. I loved my dress too. :)

  7. Yay for weddings!!!! I love everything about them!! Hubby proposed to me in New York so just for fun I bought a US wedding mag the next day before we flew home to Sydney... In the mag I found a dress I fell in love with but thought I would never find here in Oz... I was wrong! I found the very dress and bought it straight away!! I still love it to this day! There are a few pics in this blog post here
    enjoy x

  8. oooooo! Weddings. I love them. Especially dresses. You just look so happy and gorgeous in this pic. Husband and I have only been married nearly 7 years now and I am not sure if it would fit anymore, as I am a bit flabby around the mid section now carrying two fat babies. Are we putting our pics on our blog?

  9. Love it! The post AND the dress! Don't know where the CD of our wedding shots is, but will find it and put up a pic soon.

  10. Yes, yes, yes, please!!! :)

    Can't wait to see yours Megan!

  11. You look gorgeous!!! I thought about having a pink wedding dress too but I thought it would have clashed with my blue/teal bridesmaid dresses!

    Anyway, my little story behind my dress is: when I was 10 years old I used to catch the bus to school with 2 younger girls and their mum is a dressmaker. She said to me one day as I ooohed and aahhed at the lovely dresses she was making: one day I'm going to make your wedding dress! And 16 years later she did!

    We got married only about 3 1/2 months ago and already I don't think I'd get into my dress!

    I'll show u my pic via Twitter! Great post! x

  12. Absolutely gorgeous dress Thea!

  13. That is a stunning dress. I am getting married in November and have bought my dress, but it needs alterations before I'll be able to put it on and get photos, sorry. I'm slightly obsessed with weddings at the moment though, so would love to see other people's pics!

  14. Thea, you look like a princess!

    I wish I had a wedding dress to share with you, but I'm yeeeears off getting married. I love having a look at other people's wedding photos though!


  15. Here I am! LOL. Gorgeous dress! I need to scan in a photo of me in mine...maybe for a wordlss wednesday post? I'll let ya know. What a great idea!

  16. You look like a princess! I love wedding dresses and in fact all things wedding ... so much so that I have had over a dozen articles published in a bridal magazine :-). Would love to share about my dress too, feel free to come visit at

  17. Loving the pink wedding dress, you look gorgeous. Found your blog having just blogged about my wedding dress and started a "Here comes my frock" meme - you've posted before you got tagged! #herecomesmyfrock

  18. I'd love to have had a wedding dress like that and looked like a Princess... Didn't happen and am pretty sure it won't now. I can still wear mine 28 (almost 29)years later but that may be due to it being made to hide a pregnancy and not at all fitted lol. Not even too sure I could ever post a photo as there were almost none taken.

    Maybe I'll have to get married again some day so I can get a bit closer to looking like a Princess :)

  19. You looked Beautiful honey :) I wish I had gotten to choose my own dress :( but I was young and Mum was paying, so we went with what she wanted more than me - crinoline and all - I wanted a dress in 'titanic' style simple, empire line, train, long sleeves - kind of like Kate Winslets actual one...But here we are - My second Bridesmaids dress when I was 8

    My third at my Mum and step dads wedding (black, simple - yes I had a spiral perm and yes I'm the one who looks like she is performing a papal blessing :)

    And My actual dress - which I have no hope of fitting into - which is kind of good as I was a size 8, very wrong for a 179 cm tall, the whole divorce thing - will be passing on my little silver headdress thing :) THAT was beautiful.

    Apologies that pics aren't that great.

    You look so happy and just BEAUTIFUL hon. xxx

  20. Love your pink wedding dress, you look beautiful!

    Mine was apricot and I simply loved the colour. I don't have photos as my memories of the dress lasted longer than the marriage did :)

    Great post, you have started something good here.

  21. Gorgeous dress ... so important to look and feel special on a magical day. I will try to scan and post mine xo


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