Sunday, January 17, 2010

Tagged - 10 Things I Don't Have The Guts To Do

I've been tagged, and tagged, and tagged again.
By Ami, Naomi and Megan.

This is going to be ridiculously easy for me as I am a true gutless wonder at heart.
I have already written about my anti-bucket list...things I NEVER want to do before I die.
And I have listed things I hate to do.
But this is a little different, this is a list of things I don't have the guts to do.  Some I am stealing borrowing from my other lists.  But I will try to be a bit original and come up with some new ones, too.  How will I stop at 10??

10 things I don't have the guts to do...

1.  Pretty much anything by myself.  Oh, I know, that makes me sound like such a baby, but deep down I think I still am!
2.  Go back to work.  I will have to one day, but it scares the bejesus out of me.
3.  This one is a full on phobia so it has to be on the list...touch a snake.  The mere thought of it sends my heart racing, my skin crawling and I break out into a sweat.
4.  Run.  I believe some bodies are built for running...mine isn't one of them!
5.  Anything adventurous, like the things they get the contestants of 'The Biggest Loser' to do.  Climb things, jump from something high, kayak through rapids.  Those things all look terrifying to me.
6.  Have another baby.  I always thought I would have three or four but I started too late.  Now age and arthritis have got the better of me and I don't have the guts to go through the pain of pregnancy (it was much worse than childbirth) again or the patience for sleepless nights, which I'm still in the middle of anyhow.
7.  Say what I really mean.  Especially if it's something I think someone won't want to hear.  I'm a 'yes man woman'!
8.  Play sport.  This is kind of like running but a little different.  This involves spectators and I really don't like being watched when I stuff something up.  And that's often for me when sport is involved.
9.  Public speaking.  This I dread, severely!  I taught for 13 years before quitting and every year when the parent/teacher information night rolled around I was so nervous for days before hand.  The worst part was feeling the redness start at my chest and rise all the way up until my face was the colour of a beetroot.
10.  Move to a new town/city.  That's another one I will most likely have to do one day because we don't think of this place as our 'forever place'.  Moving to a new place is completely draining for me.  I like to put down roots, I like to feel settled, I like to know where everything is without having to think too hard about it.  Moving is a big step out of my comfort zone, and I don't like it, not one little bit!

So, that's me done.  Time to pass the baton onto my favourite blogging buddies.  Some of these have already been tagged and have posted their lists click on the links to read some more...

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  1. Oh you sound like my sister! She hates doing things by herself - she even used to wake me up to go sit outside the bathroom door while she went to the toilet (and I'm two years younger!). But my sister is also lovely, as are you.

    Me? I love doing things by myself - sometimes a little too much. I LOVE to shop alone, go to the movies alone, restaurants, etc. etc.

  2. Great list, and like you it's nice to get another little window into bloggers lives. Lovely & honest too. And the work thing, I was scared too, and to me I took it as a sign I wasn't ready to go back. When I did go back I was no longer frightened. :)

  3. Oh I can totally agree with some of those especially the public speaking one. I hate it. Well I hated it. Luckily my current occupation of SAHM does not allow for a lot of it (which I couldn't be happier about!)

    Also the going back to work one. Not sure what the future holds for me. Guess I will worry about that one later because I still have a lot of time on my hands as the kids are still little. If only they would stay that way! xxxxxxxxxxxx

  4. With you on the public speaking one! I'm OK if I'm sitting down, but stand me up and I'm a mess - doesn't matter if it's my family or my boss! It's weird, because I was a debater at school...

    Great list!

  5. Can relate to the public speaking and some of the adventure things. The one I always think I would not do on those reality shows is eat some of the gross things they have to eat.

  6. Oh number 7 is a good one! I wrote a post once about what would happen if we all just said everything we wanted to say all of the time! I could never bring myself to do it!

    Great list!

  7. oh I've been tagged!
    Here's my list...

    1. Jump out of a plane
    2. jump off a ciff into water
    3. bungee jump
    4. live in a country that speaks a different language
    5. drive through 'drive thru's'
    6. take 3 kids+ 1 toddler to the movies
    7. ride a motorbike
    8. I'm with you on never touching a snake
    9. paint my house
    10. copying... no more babies - though I love them I think 4 is all I can cope with!


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