Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Award Time!

My gorgeous sister Michelle from Michelle Dennis Evans has given me this very special award.  It is very special to me because just recently I discovered how tight my blogging circle of friends is and how much I depend on them.   So now I get to say thank you to my beautiful blogging buddies with this special circle!

So without further ado....this award goes to....

Naomi @ Under The Yardarm
Jodie @ Mummy Mayhem
Megan @ Writing Out Loud
Taryn @ Taryn Rucci
Tara @ Waffling Along
Lana @  The Sharpest Pencil
Bern @ So Now What?
Emily @  emlykd the strange
April @ Lifeslightlyused's Blog
Jade @ She Is Jade
Cath @ SquiggleMum
Kelly @ Kellyansapansa
J @ A Kick To The Neck (because I know she'll be back soon)
The NDM @ Not Drowning, Mothering

Oh boy...I could on all day but I guess I do have to stop!  If I did forget you please give me a little tap on the shoulder and I'll add you quick smart, I promise!


  1. Great list! You have some lovely bloggers on there.

  2. Wow! Right back at you! Another award. I am honored!! xxxx

  3. Aww, thank you so much! I am so appreciative of this. Mwah! xx

  4. Thanks so much! WHat a lovely award mwah! xx

  5. you were meant to stop at five - man, you are just too popular and nice :)

  6. THANK YOU - you have made my night :) you are a most delightful woman and brilliant blogger

  7. Thank you Thea! I'll be sure to post this tomorrow when I'm updating the blog xx

  8. Thank you so much lovely! Gorgeous. Beautiful. Will display it with pride. x

  9. Thank you, thank you!! Somehow missed this one until now! Thanks, you're just lovely! xo

  10. Thank you thank you thank you xxxxxxxxx

  11. Awwww, thank-you sweet lady, I have been trapped in reality of late, but right back at you, I shall find my blogging mojo again and be back in the thick of things soon. xxx


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