Monday, March 1, 2010

Rhetorical Questions

  • Why does my mother-in-law keep chocolate in the door of her fridge, right at my children's eye level?
  • Why does my mother-in-law ask what the children eat at home because they eat nothing she offers for lunch because they are full of chocolate?
  • Why don't my children eat what most normal children will eat?
  • If it is going to rain, why does it always rain at 8:30am or 3:00pm on a school day?
  • Why can't my husband do a six piece jigsaw puzzle?
  • Why do people insist my daughter looks like me when apart from having blue eyes, she is nothing like me?
  • Why is it so hard to stop at one glass of wine?
  • Why aren't the shops open in this city/town on a Sunday?
  • How can the hour before kid's bedtime feel like a lifetime and the year between their birthdays feel like the blink of an eye?
  • If the child that normally wakes during the night sleeps through, why does the other child wake in the middle of the night?

Of course, because they are rhetorical questions I'm not looking for answers.  But you can add your own questions if you like...


  1. Why am I only finding out now that you need to have an elaborate costume of a housefly/a completed project on Ancient Greece for school tomorrow?
    Great blog :)

  2. I love this one: "How can the hour before kid's bedtime feel like a lifetime and the year between their birthdays feel like the blink of an eye?" - SO true!!

  3. Why is it I've always have to ask someone to set the table EVERY night when I'm cooking dinner? Can't they smell the food and think "Dinner's cooking, I'll set the table"

  4. Have an extra laugh - people tell me my children look like me... :)

  5. Why do I always crave pad thai on a Monday night when the takeaway is closed?

  6. Very funny. Why does my MIL think that Natural Confect Co lolly snakes contain no sugar? Why does it rain five minutes after I've hung out a load of nappies? Why is there no chocolate in my house, right now?

  7. Why can't I think of fun posts like this one?

    SO true!

  8. Why is there ALWAYS one odd sock when I hand out the washing?

  9. Why do you have to take a physical to purchase burial insurance????

  10. Why does my son need help to get dressed when he can get through all the levels of his computer game, create an elaborate building out of cardboard boxes and work the DVD player?

    Why do kids gobble up a newly-tried recipe and ask for seconds when there aren't any seconds to be had, and when I double the recipe the next time, they only nibble at it and don't even finish one serve?

    Thanks for visiting my blog, love your rhetorical questions.

    Shelly at


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