Friday, April 23, 2010

Is there Always Something....?

It's funny how the universe operates, isn't it?

My best friend from college texted me when we were on the way home from our weekend away last Saturday.  Text just said "Do you have ur phone on u?"  I texted back but got no reply.

Yesterday after blogging about friends I remembered she still hadn't replied so sent a quick text saying I was checking up on her and was she OK?  The immediate response was that she had more relationship drama, just the night before.  I called her straight away. (I very, very rarely call anyone. I have a phone aversion. I don't know why!)  Anyhow, she was on her way home from work and said she'd call later.  She did and it was so nice to chat and listen to her voice, a voice I've know for over 20 years.  She's finally (hopefully) ditched the man that's been toying with and disappointing her for the past two years.  And while a lot of people don't understand why she kept going back, I do.

I totally get it.

It's all about head versus heart.

There are so many things in life that you know you should or shouldn't be doing yet you continue to do or not do them.  But I'm beginning to wonder is it just me (and my college friend)?  Is it just certain personality types that constantly struggle with knowing what to do but not doing it?  Or is there always 'something' for everyone?

Have I confused you?

Let me give you some examples -

Do you tell yourself you will...

  • not overeat, but do it anyway
  • not drink so much, but do it anyway
  • exercise regularly, but don't
  • do more study to better your job prospects, but don't
  • start a business, but don't
  • be more organized, but you're not
  • keep in touch with old friends, but don't
  • get regular medical check-ups, but don't

Got the idea yet?  These aren't all mine...thank goodness or I would be a really big mess!

Is it just part of the human condition that we are always striving and never actually get there?

Or are there some people that really do have it all together and are living a well balanced life and are doing all the 'shoulds'?

And if they do exist are they just waiting for something to come along and mess it all up again?

Is there always something??

This is my third pensive post in a row.  Sorry about that.
Next one will be fun and frivolous, I promise!

P.S.  During the chat with my friend we discussed our next girls' overnighter.  We're going to the mountains in Winter for 2 nights.  I can't wait!!!


  1. Gee Thea, you've hit the nail on the head, I know what I should be doing but rarely do it eg sitting here on the computer in my pjs at 10.30am is not what I should be doing, but guess what? I am!!!!

    I'm going to get motivated now and try to listen to my head (I did say try)

  2. I refuse to believe that lots of people have a completely balanced life. I'm sure some do, but I have noticed even people who seem to have it all together when you are part of their inner circle they let slip that they don't.

    Like Linda, I'm still in my pjs and playing on the net when to take your examples, I could be exercisign or getting organised. Teo things I seem to never manage to achieve.

    Tomorow is a new day.

  3. I was talking to someone about this the other day. This woman was feeling a bit disorganised and burdened and she said to me - 'How does everyone else do it?' I said to her, 'I don't think they do.'

    I think that everyone (or most people, anyway) tries to make it look like life is perfect, they do everything wonderfully and have it all balanced. But we all have weaknesses.

    That's my theory anyway - it makes me feel better to think that other people feel the same as me!!

  4. There really is always something, I reckon.

    A friend of mine who is VERY together and how comes across as the perfect mother and wife and is also really nice and likeable.........she she is a spendaholic.

    I have loads of "somethings".

  5. i aim high. and sometimes when it doesnt happen i get really upset.

    ive always done everything ive set my mind to. but im a massive planner. big time.

    but like you said:

    i say i will exercise everyday, and dont.
    i say i wont spend so much money, and i do.
    i say i will budget, and dont.



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