Friday, July 2, 2010

My Charm Bracelet

Yesterday as I was doing my blog reading, I came across a charm bracelet on Sarah's blog that was almost identical to the one I used to wear.

I loved my charm bracelet.  It was a Christmas present from my best friend when I was 17.  I think I bought all of the charms myself because I was very fussy about it. I only wanted ones that were symbolic.

There are 16 charms on the bracelet.

A penny-farthing - I don't like riding bikes, but I love the period in history from which they come.
A vanity dressing table - While I don't have the time nor inclination for it these days, once upon a time I was pretty vane.  I spent a lot of time in front of the mirror and was interested in beauty and fashion.  And again, I love the olde worlde charm of the this charm.
A cherub - They speak to me spiritually.
A harp - I have always loved the way a harp looks and harp music is simply divine.
Ballet slippers - One of my earliest memories is wanting to be a ballerina when I grew up.  I never did to learn ballet, but I love watching it.
A wishing well - For good luck and because one of the things I say a lot is "I wish...."
A church - At the time I was a practising Catholic and even though I don't go to Mass anymore I do still love churches.
A grand piano - I play the piano and the one thing I've always dreamed of having is a baby grand....still dreaming. (The lid on this charm lifts up!)
A sewing machine - I love to sew. My pipe dream was to be a bridal designer/dressmaker.
A crown - While I don't call myself a monarchist, I do love anything related to the British Royal Family and have a large collection of books about them.
The Eiffel Tower - I always wanted to visit Paris and go to the top of the Eiffel Tower.  Guess what?  I did!
A Flamenco dancer - I love watching dancing, and this style is so glamourous.
Nefertiti - I find Egyptian history fascinating and have always wanted to visit Egypt.  I haven't yet.  But I have seen real Egyptian artifacts in the British Museum and in the Louvre.  Amazing.
The Sydney Harbour Bridge - I love this Australian icon and I bought this charm for my cousins in Sydney who I didn't see often enough.
Faith, Hope & Charity - Virtues I've tried to live by.
Comedy/Tragedy Masks - I love the dramatic arts.  I took performing arts as my major at teacher's college.

So, there you have it.
One little piece of jewellery can certainly say a lot about a person, don't you think?


  1. Wow i cant believe yours is in such great condition! I Loved my Charm braclet i got mine when i was 13! i must find it, i know i gave it to my girls to play with, i had around 30 charms, i was addicted and i added a charm for almost everything i did, nowdays i have a Pandora Braclet, same thing but not as nice in detail like the old charm braclets..
    Yours looks great!

  2. Love it! I found my charm bracelet a little while ago and it brought back so many memories. They really do tell a story or two.

  3. I love that the charms represent a place or time or something you like. They're chosen for a purpose. Gorgeous.

  4. Hi Thea, your pipe dream does not sound like a pipe dream to me - it sounds very achievable and if it's your passion, I so hope you can do it. Will you go for it one day?

  5. Oh I'm so glad you posted this!

    I have a charm bracelet for my daughter. I bought it when she was born and every year I buy a charm for it for her birthday. She doesn't know about it but it is going to be her 18th birthday present. Each year I try to buy a charm that represents a part of her life or what she's into at that time.

    It was her Birthday a few weeks ago and I haven't got this year's charm yet! I usually wait for the sales but I forgot so thanks for the reminder!

    I think I'll look for some ballet slippers. She started dancing classes this year.

  6. What a wonderful way to share with us a little about you! I have a charm bracelet, and I don't know what each charm means, but the bracelet itself is very special because it was my mother's.

  7. I love charmbracelets because they allow you to express your individuality.!

  8. Supreme Post…Tanks 4 sharing!


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