Tuesday, July 6, 2010


My husband loves boiled eggs.
He doesn't know how to cook them, however.
He says things like, "Can you please boil some eggs for me.  You know how to do it just right."
Awwww, of course, Darling. If you put it like that.

Well, this week I'm having a bad week.
I'm stuffing up just about everything that is stuff-up-able.
PMS? Probably!

So a couple of days ago I made runny boiled eggs.
(For the first time ever, I might add).
Not just runny yolks, 'cause you know, they're called soft boiled and they're kinda nice.
No, these ones had runny whites as well.....mmmmm.....noice!

Needless to say, he wasn't impressed.
"You wasted a half a carton of eggs!"
I did not, I ate them!
They were OK.
OK, they're weren't revolting!

So yesterday I boiled another batch.
Thinking of course that this time I would NOT under cook them, of course!
I checked the time, waited for them to boil this time before I started timing.
And.....voila....promptly forgot about them.
Thank God I actually walk into the kitchen at fairly regular intervals
because 18 (Yep, 18!!!) minutes later I saw the almost-bursting-out-of-their-shells eggs.

UH OH!!!

I put them in the fridge and said nothing.
As a good wife does.
Because had I told my husband I'm sure he would have thought I did this on purpose.
Like I wake up every morning looking for ways to antagonize him.
"I know, this week I'll under-do THEN over-do his eggs!   Yeah, that'll really get to him!!"
*Insert evil laugh here*

Ha!  Sorry dear husband, I have more important things to think about like
feeding the children
changing nappies
dressing the children
answering a million questions
playing oh-so-not-fun kiddie games.

Hmmmmm, perhaps that's why I forgot about your eggs....
Just a thought.


  1. Hahaha why don't you give hubby a go at boiling his own eggs?! Last week, I had to cook a boiled egg for a little girl that I look after. Needless to say, I stuffed it up royally. Luckily I am perfectly capable of scrambled eggs so I made them instead! Very funny post. x

  2. Hahahhah. Love your work Thea. Lovely husband and I bicker over eggs. He likes his hardboiled but warm. I like mine soft boiled. Bicker bicker bicker.

  3. haha sounds like my hubby! ive done that when boiling eggs...i want the yolk nice and creamy and end up taking them out too quickly - not good!
    i love my eggs poached...

  4. I love a good egg! Miss9 is quite the perfectionist when it comes to eggs, and makes sure I add just the right amount of vinegar to the water swirl it just so! Mind you, I can't blame her the perfect poached egg is yummy!
    Perhaps you could give Hubby a dozen uncooked eggs & get him to do it!

  5. I don't do eggs lol can't boil them right, can't scramble them right, don't eat them... So I just stay away from them :)

  6. Isn't it amazing how little rows happen for the silliest things.. I distinctively remember my parents getting into an argument over some eggs and then my mum not talking to my father for almost a week!

  7. For some reason I just can't cook an egg to save my life. Poached, fried, boiled or scrambled!

    I must be a bad egg!

  8. I'm with Jade. I can't cook an egg either. Luckily my hubby has never complained and eats them however they end up.

    My father likes his eggs 'over easy'. Good thing I don't have to cook eggs for him, seeing as he lives in Canada and I am hopeless at it.


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