Saturday, July 17, 2010

Happy Blogoversary To Me!

It's official. I really DO wanna blog!
On the 17th July last year, I dipped my toe into the world of the blogosphere and haven't looked back.
I was a little intimidated by it at first, but I've discovered
it's warm, it's welcoming, it's enlightening, it's entertaining.
And I LOVE it!!
As is evidenced by my 230 posts in 356 days.
Not quite one a day, but not bad.

I'm having a party


A giveaway!!!

Everybody cheer!

As my blog is turning 1, we're having a first birthday party....grown-up style!
I turned 1 in 1969 (yep, I was born in the 60's, man!)
So I'm having a 60's fancy dress, cocktail party, and you're invited.
It's like a choose-your-own-adventure party.
You choose your outfit, your drink/s, your party food, your dance partner, the gift you'd give me,
and I'll give you a party favour (if you're lucky!)

Let's party like it's 1969!

First you have to crank up the music

Choose your party outfit

Care for a drink?

Bloody Mary
Brandy Alexander
Mint Julep
White Russian
Pink Squirrel
Non-alcoholic Punch

Can I tempt you with some of these tasty morsels?

prawn cocktail
devilled eggs
stuffed mushrooms
finger sandwiches
Would you care to dance?
(Choose a partner OR who is choosing you!)

One (or all) of The Beatles
One of the Rolling Stones
(or all of them)
Kirk or Bones (or both)
Neil Diamond
One of the Jackson 5
(or all of them!)
Barbra Streisand
Jackie Kennedy
Liza Minnelli

Anyone for sweets?

 baked alaska
crepe suzette
creme brulee

A gift? For me??

Ooooo, I wonder what's in the box?
Oh, you shouldn't have.
OK, of course you should have!
They're gorgeous!

That's perfect! How did you know I broke all of my wine glasses?

Very clever, paper, for first anniversaries. I love it!

Who's having cake?

If you haven't spotted me yet...
I'm wearing the tiara from the top of the post with outfit #3.
I'm drinking a few champagnes, followed by a 'couple' of pink squirrels.
I'm eating stuffed mushrooms and finger sandwiches.
I'm dancing with ELVIS!! so hands off...oh OK...I'll be a gracious hostess, I'll share him if I have to.
I'm having a teeny tiny trifle.
And just a taste of the oh so yummy cake.

Don't forget to tell me what you're wearing, drinking, eating and who you're dancing with in the comments, so I can recognize you!

I hope you're all up dancing by now, I am!
Time for a new about this one?

If you don't know anyone make sure you ask for an introduction.
You never know, there may be some famous faces behind those crazy 60's costumes!
Oh, excuse me please, Elvis has just asked for another dance.

*tink tink* Time for Speeches

If anyone would like to say a few words there's a little box at the bottom of this post where you can speak your heart out.
I'd just like to say thank you!
Thank you so very much to all of my loyal and lovely readers, especially the ones who drop by regularly.
Without out you, I would be nothing. *cue tears*
Does anyone have a tissue?
Thank you *sniffle*, thank you so much *snuffle*.

Oh, you're leaving already?
Wait, just one more song.
It's not a song from 1969 but you might recognize this face!!

If you enjoyed that there's lots more fun where that came from, just visit Kerri over at Life and Other Crises

OK, well...

Thanks so much for coming to my party!
Thank you for the beautiful gift.
I hope you had a great time and as a special thank you, I have some

*drum roll please*


As the theme of the night has been handmade 
(Oh, you didn't realize I handmade all the outfits, the cocktails and the food? Oh yes, I'm amazing like that!) 
I am giving away 4 of the handmade (by me, for real) scarves below.

"Gum Drops"
Multi-coloured bobble scarf.
7cm wide x 125cm long
Perfect for a little girl.

"Purple Haze"
Fluffy purple scarf.
6cm wide x 85cm long
Very short, good for kids or as a small tie scarf for adults.

"Pink Patches"
Pink knitted and croched patchwork scarf.
10cm wide x 170cm long
Perfect for pink lovers, like me!

Multi-coloured, mostly bronze,
ribbon, wool and metalic thread scarf.
10cm wide x 170cm long

"B & B"
This one is the same as "Bronzie" in black and blue.
10cm wide x 170cm long

"Basic Black"
Black bobble scarf.
10cm wide x 170cm long

Variegated (purples & olive green) fluffy scarf.
9cm wide x 125cm long
This one is an open weave knit (ie it has holes that are meant to be there)

If you would like one, all you have to do is tell me which gift you picked for me in the comments. Then tell me which scarf/scarves you like.

As my five year old boy says, "Easy peasy Jack & easy."
(Giveaway open until Friday 7pm. I'll announce the winners next Saturday.)

Thanks so much for helping me celebrate!
Hope no one ends up with a hangover.  ;)

(I possibly will if I don't slow down on these pink squirrels.
I have no idea what they are, by the way.
They just looked terribly cute, and they are pink!)


  1. Oh my goodness goddess, you throw a wild party....delicious!

    Happy Bloggy Birthday sweet Thea. It is a pleasure to share this blogesphere with you and your lovelly blog.....

    (And I would be giving you the lovely journal book, and I pick the pink patches scarf, you clever chick.....) xx

  2. Happy 1st Bloggy Birthday! :)

    I'd give you the wine (or is it champers?) knowing how much you love a good drop ;-)

    Oh and I love the bronzie and the black scarves. If i only I could knit LOL!

    Enjoy your night,
    B x

  3. Happy bloggy birthday! What an achievement, so many posts, so few years!

    I would give you those gorgeous pink wine glasses, they are just my taste and I do love to give a gift I love myself!

    As for the scarves, they are all gorgeous, well done you! I would have to pick the gumdrops one for my Big Miss as she was just lamenting she doesn't own a scarf.

    Thanks for having me, awesome party, you sure know how to throw'em!

  4. thanks for having me at your party! I am having a ball with all these wonderful people, great food and excellent booze!

    Congratulations on reaching your first anniversary! It has been a big yaer hasn't it? Controversy, fun and frivolity.

    You have a great night and CHEERS *chink chink* to another great year.

    I like the black bobble scarf! Noice! xx

  5. Your party is gorgeous and you look fabulous, Dahling.
    I've left the Crystal in the kitchen for you and now I'm heading to the bar for a martini.
    Thanks again for the evite.

    N x

  6. I am so glad you do want to blog after all that. Because you are (and i know I haven't met you in real life, so this may sound a bit mental) but one of the kindest hearted people I have ever met (or not met)

    I really wish this party was happening in real life xx

    I like purple xx

  7. Thea, you are such a gracious host, thanks and your house looks amazing!Im wearing the dress 2nd from the top - love a good LBD
    Drinking champagne loving the music (vinyl records are the best) Im just going to head over to the fondue table - love my cheese.
    Cheers to you and heres to many blogging years
    ps/ love all your scarves, Im still tackling my one and only one
    Would have to say bronzie stands out for me.
    ps/ dont forget to have a berocca :)

  8. Hey Thea!
    i didnt like any of the costumes (they wouldnt load on ipad) so im coming NUDE! ill try a Prawn Cocktail and ill sip on Champagne whilst Dancing with Niel Diamond, briefly stopping for some delicious Creme Brulee!
    i hope you like your Gift (wine glass)
    Thanks for the Invite!

    ps love the black scarf!

  9. I would totally be giving you the spunky pink wine glasses, too cool!

    And I adore the bobbly scarves, they're so cool, matching mummy & daughter ones.

    PS: would you be interested in making any to sell, and matching beanies (hint hint)

  10. Happy blogaversary Thea! As someone who has only just started following on Twitter and reading your blog, it has been fun getting to know you.

    I will be wearing outfit #2 or #4 and drinking champagne and pink squirrels (and maybe a mint julep here or there, he he). And I would definitely be dancing with Jackie Kennedy, the queen of style.

    I would definitely pick the gorgeous journal as a gift for you and I like the purple haze scarf!

    :) Deb
    debyeo AT hotmail DOT com

  11. Happy Happy anniversary my love!

    I hope you like your pressie (the little blue box)

    I'll be in the corner flirting with the rolling stones! ;) sipping on a pink squirrel and eating all the finger sandwiches wishing that I win the B&B scarf!

    Enjoy your party gorgeous!


  12. Ali is going to get all the hot men if she is coming Nude. Good thing she is a hot mummah to boot! I won't come nude because it's not a good thing.

    Thea, as Bern says, you are truly one of the nicest people I've never met. You truly are. I'm so glad you decided to blog and I'm so glad I met you on Twitter.

    Your party is divine. I'm wearing the mini skirt (coz I still have ok legs), I would really like to share Elvis with you. I've tucked into the prawn cocktail and am about to do some party tricks with those devilled eggs! Because you are so special I would give you the little blue box because we all know how special the present inside will be.

    I am a purple girl, but I'm really loving the black bobble scarf. You are so clever.

    I've tried one of each drink - need some warming up so I can perform my party tricks ;)

    I think I'll try the Crepes Suzette for desert. Then I reckon I am going to need a cup of tea, some Bex and a good lie down (preferrably with Elvis).

    You throw an awesome party lovely. Best party I've been to. EVER.

    PS My word verification is huriki - I think I will name my party trick dance The Huriki. xx

  13. Happy Blogiversary Thea :)

    Has to be the Tiffany box as a gift cos good things comes in Tiffany boxes

  14. Hey - what a fab party, darling! You'll recognise me in the cute LBD in pic two, trying not to spill my champagne while dancing with those Star Trek boys.

    Oh, and here, take this little blue box...but promise not to peek! ;)

    Your scarves are gorgeous and I particularly like the bronzie and b&b styles.

    Definitely the swinging-est 60's blog party I've ever been gorgeous hostess you. Happy blog-o-versary!!

    Seeing as my word verification was be-hyper, I think I'm gonna have a wild time at this party!

  15. I'd be totally rocking outfit #1, since it's all shades of purple. Then I'd be washing down the fondue and baked alaska with several pink squirrels.

    You'd probably then find me draped in a corner amongst the Rolling Stones, hoping to get lucky. Of course, with my luck I'd score Charlie Watts...

    Of course, before I'd indulged I would have given you a beautiful journal for a beautiful writer (OK so you blog, but in 1969 you would have been a writer ;-) ).

    And finally, I would need to have a purple and olive feathery scarf to match my purpley party frock.

    Here's cheers to a virtual hangover in the morning!

  16. Helllooooooo!
    Happy anniversary!!!!!
    I feel very festive and am dancing away in the middle of the room sipping Brandy Alexanders (with the emphasis on 's') wearing - but of course - my new strawberry motif plastic sandals and a Thai floral printed dress. And, as I too was 1 in 1969, I shall wear two wee curly pigtails, as I did for my 1st birthday. In your honour.
    And for your gift, my love, I shall give you my song. It's either that or a Thai floral printed dress, and I can tell you now, you DON'T want one of them!
    Love your work baby.
    K xxxx
    P.S. and I LOVE the black bobble scarf. It's insane. xxxx

  17. Happy Blogoversary!!!!!!

    So happy you wanna blog, cause I wanna read it - I love your blog, Thea!

    I'm sipping on champagne, with a prawn cocktail in hand, wearing outfit number 2. And I'm dancing with the Beatles! How groovy is that!

    And I LOVE the pink patches scarf!

    Hope you're having a great party, thanks for being such a wonderful hostess!

  18. Oh honey, I'd be giving you the Tiffany box FOR SURE!!!! Thanks for this party, just what I needed after 2 very challenging weeks. Thank you for putting up with my misery on Twitter ;) And I'm torn between Gum Drops and Purple Haze. You are so clever!

  19. Was going to wait to comment until tomorrow, when I haven't had three drinks under my belt, but where's the fun in that?

    I am wearing the bikini, because the virtual world is the only place I would dare do such a thing. Oh and I am the one with the lampshade on my head.

    I am eating stuffed mushrooms, fondue and creme brulee.

    I am drinking the Pink Squirrels also, because who can go past that name?

    I have cut in on you and Elvis, but I have given you chocolates as compensation for borrowing your dance partner.

    There is not much call for a scarf in tropical Cairns, but I would love the Basic Black one for the next time I go to Sydney or when I next visit Canada.

    Happy Blogoversary! You throw a wonderful party and I will probably be the last to leave as per usual. Hangover tomorrow? Most definitely.

  20. Well, I DO love a party! Here *hands Thea a Tiffany box* I'm wearing outfit number four, thank you very much, and after a couple of champagnes I've settled in for the night with my old friend Martini. Yummy.
    I'm dancing with John Lennon, Elvis, and Mick... ohhh.... did I spy Neil Diamond...
    devilled egg... don't mind if I do!
    Fab party darling... congratulations!
    MWAH xxxxxxxx

  21. A very big HAPPY ANNIVERSARY to you darlin'!

    I've already raised glass of red to you this evening. It was a really big glass! ;)

    Wow - a whole year! How glad I am that I found you. I can't remember how now..but it doesn't matter. You're here. I love your blog, and I love you!

    Thanks for inviting me to your party.

    As for the scarves...took me ages to decide, cos I love them ALL! I'm thinking the black bobble one though is something I haven't seen before. Me likey!

    Now - stop reading this and go back to your party, you!

    You clever, clever gal.



  22. phew! I made it back in time to catch the party before it gets too ugly!!!

    Have already downed a red, now searching for the right cocktail.

    Thrown off the jeans and replaced them with the pretty pink shiny party dress - thought we could play twins for a night hehe

    Now for you gift... Here's 1 box of 12 wine glasses, hubby will bring the other box in when he arrives ... ( I know how you go thru them LOL)

    Scarfs R U!!! pink patches, feathers, black.... oh too many to love!!!!

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. What a totally cool post!! OK, I'm wearing number four (really). Drinking non alcoholic ounch (boo). Dancing to the Archies. Eating some of those damn fine creme brulees. And look for you- new wine glasses!! I saw you'd broke them all, ya know, on Twitter.

    Basic black scarf- or the gum ball one- for me please, you clever thing you!!

  24. Thanks for a great party. It was awesome to be able to wear my gold sequined dress again!!

    I hope we get to share many more parties together

  25. Sorry I vomited in your laundry hamper. The clothes were dirty anyway. Also, I seem to have lost my undies. I think the Ken doll with the fringed vest might have stolen them while I was vomiting in the laundry hamper...

    Happy blogiversary, Thea! May you have many more.

  26. PS. I want the black bobble scarf. Like really *really* want it.

  27. OMG, a blog party!!! You are too funny! And you don't even look a year old. But crap, I can't believe Lori is wearing my blue miniskirt. Which is why I had to remove my blouse, so people could tell us apart. I'm drinking pink squirrels and doing, er eating mushrooms with the Stones and brought you six boxes of chocolates (you're looking a little thin).

    So can I play the scarf game if I live overseas? If I can I want the pink one for my daughter. She would die for something like that, it's gorgeous. xx

    I also saw a lovely Kylie tour jacket!
    Hit me with another pink squirrel- I shouldn't but opps - where did that go- did I really drink it that fast! OH well- fill 'er up!:)
    - love Julie
    PS Charli LOves the bubble gum scarf

  29. Hey....I look good in a matter what color it is!!

    HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!! :)

    Must have been a great party, but I can't remember a thing. I think I got shagged??!!

  30. WOW!!
    This is the coolest party I've ever hosted because all the best people are here.
    Thanks so much everyone, you made my day/night/year!!!!! (Megan, adicted to '!s' much?)

    If you've entered the giveaway, good luck! xxxxxxxx

  31. The winners have been drawn!

    Check here for the announcement...

  32. How did I miss this party??? I would have baked some macaroons for you :-)

  33. What a fabulous party! You make a fabulous hostess! Congratulations on your year of blogging! Those are beautiful scarves too!

  34. Happy 1st Bloggy Birthday! Awesome party, Thea.=)

  35. What a great party! Love it.....hmmmm I would give you flowers - they are gorgeous and I love the Feathers scarf gorgeous colors!
    Good on you for making it through your first year blogging!!!!

  36. What a great party! Love it.....hmmmm I would give you flowers - they are gorgeous and I love the Feathers scarf gorgeous colors!
    Good on you for making it through your first year blogging!!!!

  37. I can feel the beat! I'm there! I LOVE the first scarf... gorgeous! What would I give you hmmmm. I foot spa ;)

  38. Great party! Congrats on your blogaversary :)

  39. Happy blog anniversary and thank you for the fabulous party :)


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