Saturday, July 31, 2010

Inanimate Objects That I LOVE

Just as I was posting about inanimate objects that drive me nuts last week, the always gorgeous Megan over at Writing Out Loud was posting about inanimate that she loves.

So I thought it would be a lovely way to balance out the negatvity of last week's post with this positive idea, with Megan's permission, of course.

The game is to choose five objects that set my heart aflutter when I see them...


1. Rings...mine in particular. I know it sounds like such a materialistic thing to love, but I've always, always been a rings kinda girl. I was so excited when friends and relatives got engaged and would be dying to see their engagement ring. Whenever I look at my rings, everything feels just a little bit better.

2. Fireworks...they set my heart aflutter and get it pounding at the same time. When I lived in Brisbane during the time Expo88 was on, we watched the fireworks every night from our lounge room window (that was for six months!).  A couple of months ago I walked my 5 year old out to the end of our back lane in the cold and the dark to watch the fireworks from the local show. I just love fireworks.

3. Sparkle...yes, I am such a girly girl. I love sparkle. You'll often hear me say, "Oooooo, pretty." Especially if there is some sparkle involved.

4. Photos...I used to love and spend hours and hours on my photo albums (not scrapbooking, just organizing and arranging).  Now I have them all on the computer, or in frames, and love watching them on screensaver. I can change the photo album to watch to suit my mood. It's one of my very favourite things. My dad's too, because when he visits he sits on my computer chair and watches the screensaver like it's a movie.

5. Wedding dresses...I can't even describe what wedding dresses do to me. A bridal store is like heaven to me. Just like a kid in a candy store, my eyes widen, my heart is most certainly set aflutter. I love to feel the fabrics, puff out the skirts, study the beading. I love to pin and tuck until they fit perfectly.

Oh, this was a fun post. I feel all fluttery-hearted now.
You can do it too, if you want.

* This is NOT my ring...I wish!


  1. Love all of them too! Love the ring and the fireworks!! Great blog!

  2. Love the sparkly, the rings and the fireworks. I love my engagement ring. It is beautiful, over the top and terribly extravagant, but I was told I was worth it, so am running with that. Who am I to argue?

  3. We have our photo slideshow going too, and it's one of my favorite things. It's such a talking piece- people love it :D


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