Tuesday, August 17, 2010

I've Made Up An Award - "Housework Won't Kill You...But Why Take The Chance Award"

Do you bruise easily?

I always have, but have noticed I'm not getting so many now I'm taking folate daily (as protection from my arthritis medication, not because I'm trying to get pregnant...*I'm D.U.N. done!!*).

However, this afternoon I got a bit of a shock when I looked at my hand and saw this...

Can you see it?
I doesn't show up very well in the photo but there's a pretty big reddish purple bruise on my first knuckle.
See it now?
At first I had no idea how it got there.
Who else does that?
I can never remember where my bruises come from.
Then a faint memory of me actually swearing yesterday came wafting back.
And you will know from yesterday's post I'm not a swearer (unless the children are asleep or out of earshot and I have been drinking...then the trooper in me comes out!) 
But yesterday I said, out loud, "F*ck, that hurt!!"
My two year old was not in earshot!

So, guess how I did it?
I'll give you a clue...
Housework was involved.

Then I thought...
"Hey, what a great opportunity to make up my own award."
'Cause I often talk to myself like that in my head.
I'm taking my cue from the Queen of Bloggers, the Bloggie winner, The NDM.
When she was awarded an award she clearly wasn't deserving of (because she can cook),
she left it open for her readers to tell their tales of woe and the most deserving 'won' the award.
(She wimped out and drew MY name out of a hat in the end, but don't tell her I told you that!)

This is my new award...

If you would like the chance to win it...

a) Guess how I got my bruise and
b) Tell me if housework has ever been dangerous for you.

Then I'll either choose the best answer OR
wimp out and draw a name out of a hat.

PS If no one wants it, I'll keep it because clearly, I've earnt it! ;)


  1. You were cleaning the underside of your car (doesn't everyone do that?) and bumped your hand on the muffler.

    Housework is ALWAYS dangerous for me. If I clean my house it is usually because someone is coming to stay, and that might mean a social bevvie or three and in the morning my head is pounding and I am swearing never again. So housework leads to hangovers and they are dangerous. Therefore housework is dangerous. Case closed.

  2. You were writing a check to your cleaning lady and the pen slipped from your hand.

    If only. . .

  3. You were rearranging the grog cabinet and the Baileys bottle fell on your hand...

    I once slipped in the shower (as I stepped in in my thongs), in a mad rush to clean it because my Mum was coming over - major bruise on hip... and I broke a bone in my hand as I changed to a clean tshirt before collecting child 2 from kindy - streaking down the hall, tshirt over my head, finger catches on a door frame - snap!

    Now I have a cleaner for the shower and do the pickup in whatever I've already got on. It's safer that way.

    And don't get me started on the injuries caused by those childproofing safety hook things inside our kitchen cupboard doors!

  4. Well I have to award both Tropical Mum AND Anna Bartlett with the inaugual "Housework Won't Kill You...But Why Take The Chance Award".

    The answer to the bruise is...

    My vacuum cleaner sucks, or I should say, it doesn't suck! I hate it, it's a waste of time even getting it out. But the one thing it does too well is retract its power cord. Yes, an overactive power cord retractor. Every time I step on the button I wince know that it might bite me in it's whip like wind up. And this time, it did. On my hand!
    So ladies, I hope to see you display this award proudly on your blogs....

  5. Ohhhh....was JUST about to SAY that!

    Ok, not really.

    Darn vacuum cleaners. ;)

  6. It is dangerous!
    One of the school mums broke her foot folding washing last week!
    She was sitting cross legged and her foot went to sllep when she stood up to put the folding away her foot gave way under her and she snapped a foot bone.

    Housework is evil and should be avoided at all costs!

  7. And this is going to convince me to finish the housework how..?

    I think you knocked your hand while defrosting the freezer and a big frozen roast fell on your hand. Hang on that would shatter your hand though wouldn't it?

    God knows how you did it but ow


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