Friday, August 6, 2010

Some Kind of Syndrome

I'm sure I'm not the only one that has times where they feel like a little fish in a big pond.
It can happen anywhere.
At a party, at a barbeque, at school pick-up or drop off, on Twitter on even on my blog.
It feels like everyone around you has the perfect thing to say, there is scintillating, sparkling conversation everywhere...
and you can think of nothing remotely scintillating or sparkling to say.
And if you do say something, it seems like no one hears it.
It's just a little drop in the pond, and it is ripple-less.
There must be a word for it, and if there isn't I'm making one up.
I'm calling it the Scintillating-less Syndrome...SlS
I think I have it.
But the good news is, it's not terminal.
I will get over it, I hope.


  1. I have it too. It comes and goes. My inflateable insecurities.

    I hear you Thea. xx

  2. Thea, FWIW I think you are HILARIOUS. Your comment about the worm in relation to the #chocwars debate had me giggling for ages.

  3. Yeah, hand up here. I had to say the same thing 3 times today to my husband before he stopped talking over the top of me.

    And god, the amount of times at a kids party I have started to say something to a parent and been ignored or talked over.

    Yeah not terminal. Sometimes I feel like just writing on twitter. "I've got nothin" Keep on keeping on Miss Thea, you are anything but a small fish. x

  4. Oh Thea love you always have something to say. You blog regularly and your tweets are funny, kind and sometimes sad. Stay just the way you are. Sometimes we just don't have much to say. Some days I sit there and watch Twitter and feel like I am so boring I have nothing to add. Or noone replies and I feel like I am needy and friendless. THen other days I have plenty to say and everyone talks to me. I guess it is just the way life is. And as Bern says - you are not a small fish. Our Twitter pond would be very empty if you weren't in it. (and I'm not saying you are the fail whale) just that you are important. xx

  5. Can I just cut and paste? I have been suffering most of the year.

  6. *sigh* I get this too. I'm glad it's not just me!

  7. We all go through this. You're not alone!

  8. Ah yep, the awkward situations when you say something and you can just hear the tumbleweed tumbling. I feel exactly the same way sometimes. Stay quiet, and you feel out of place. Say something, and you feel like a fecking idiot. You're not alone! x

  9. Oh so that's what it's called...I have it too at times...

  10. Yep - had that last week, Thea. I think we all go thru this - you are not alone!

    Just reading back on your blog - I've MISSED your posts! I was just taking a real break from the computer last week!

    Just have to WITH you on parmesan! That powedery stuff...yuck! I can't believe some restaurants still offer it. Fresh is best. ;) xx

  11. Hand up, yep me too. I think everyone has times like this... you are just honest enough to write about it, and by doing so you have made at least 11 of us know we are not alone.

    I love coming here and reading your posts. xxx

    P.S (& this may be too much info...) but I find my days like this usually coincide with PMS.

  12. Thea - I think many people feel that way. From reading your posts and our few comments we have exchanged, I believe that people of a sensitive nature feel this way more than most. I bet that if you researched Gardner's Multiple Intelligences theory, you would find that you score high in the are of intrapersonal skills. That can be a double edged sword...sometimes we are overly sensitive to our own detriment. We over analyze a comment, a glance, an interaction. We think "what did they really mean by that?" We FEEL more than most - and that makes a lot in this life hurt. The other side of it is I believe that we experience greater joy, love, and all the good emotions too! Please note that I use the pronoun we because I often feel the way you write. You are wonderful, and if there were more people like us - the world would be a better place!!

  13. Thea, I often felt like that, actually more than often. For me I think I had drowned in being mum and wife and couldn't find me. We would go out to dinner and I struggled to be in the conversation. It was really difficult until I got counseling, I now am able to overcome these feelings, they do often raise their heads, but mostly I'm able to shake them away.
    If you find it just gets too overwhelming, don't be too shy to seek help. We can't all be wonder woman ALL of the time xx

  14. Spoke with a friend about this exact thing today. Actually we both felt that we were perceived as 'out of it' because we're at home with young children. And we are out of practice with the socialising thing, so sometimes it is hard to break through the fog!


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