Thursday, December 2, 2010

Polly Dolly is Green...With Envy

It's Dolly Day....woohoooooo!!
And I've had to wait all day to play because I've been Christmas sewing-up-a-storm.

Today Danimezza's theme is 'Green with Envy' on a shopping spree.
What fun!!

I haven't been on a proper shopping spree since...I have no idea when.
My favourite person to go shopping with is my sis.
We used to shop together bc (before children) and we would often say "Look at this!" to each other, holding the same thing in a different shade.  And as a lovely coincidence...she loves green! So I hope she loves this outfit.

Being 158cm short tall I am dreaming with those jeans...oh to have legs that go on forever!
Because I'm such a shortie I need some height and cork wedges are perfect for a lots-of-walking-shopping-day. I don't believe I've ever owned shoes that weren't black, brown, silver or gold, but if I were to buy green shoes, I'd totally buy these.
And how about that bag???
Green Tea by Elizabeth Arden is one of my (and my husband's) favourite frangrances.
At this time of year, we must be doing a spot of Christmas shopping so these earrings are perfectly cute and fitting.

My very favourite thing to have for lunch is sushi and iced tea. So right now I'm imagining sitting with my sister, sipping iced tea, eating sushi, and comparing our purchases (which might be pretty similar.)


  1. Love the green! I aspire to shoes like that.

  2. Love that BAG! It's awesome. Chuck the lunch in and I'd be off to work everyday. Great jeans too.

  3. very cute..that bag is so pretty & i love the sunnies.


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