Thursday, January 20, 2011

Polly the Assassin!

Well, well, well...
Who knew Polly has been living a secret life as an assassin?
But Polly is all class, as usual.
No blood 'n' guts & gore.
She stalks her prey from a distance, lures them with her seductive charm, then slips a few drops of a poisonous concoction into their glass.
They never knew what hit them.
They never saw her coming.

Play along with Danimezza's Polly Dolly Challenge.
It's too much fun for words!!

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  1. Thea I love your Polly! You're so good at putting together a complete image :-)

  2. awesome... now where's my martini?

  3. Very classy Assassin you have there!♥

  4. love the dress and the hat.
    so chic =]

  5. Of course she is! Love it. Love that dress. And the handbag.


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