Saturday, February 12, 2011

It's Saturday My Pretty

On Saturdays I'm going to post three photos
of pretty things that I have taken during the week.
Because I love pretty things...

I've been walking around my mother-in-law's garden this morning...

I'd love to see the pretty in your world.


  1. Nice photos. Afraid I haven't been out much with my camera this week. All the shots would be with rain drops on the lens and a washed out grey.

  2. LOVE flowers. Just bought a bunch this week for the first time in ages to pop on the dining table. Just brightens up the room.


  3. So pretty! The first ones made me smile, so perfect without a blemish.

    Alas, I kill everything in my garden so the only flowers I see are the ones in the supermarket.

  4. I didn't take the pictures I linked up this week but it was a recent post of a Brisbane sunset before the river flooded! Hope that is OK.

    Enjoy your Saturday evening!

    Best wishes,

  5. Natasha - Of course that's fine!!! Any pretty is good pretty. Just popping over to have a look now. :)


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