Thursday, April 14, 2011

Polly - the Bride

This fun challenge is the brain child of Danimezza...
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This week's theme is Bride.

I couldn't be more excited. Weddings are my very favourite thing. I love anything to do with a wedding. So today's challenge was just too much fun.

I went with a vintage inspired theme, still traditional but with a modern feel.

My own wedding dress was pink and I adored it, still do. I wrote a post about it here and you can see it below. I still think our wedding was perfect and I wouldn't change a thing. I also wrote about it here.

But it was fun planning another bride's outfit.

I couldn't stop at the bride, I had to do a bridesmaid outfit as well.
So here's Polly, the bride, and her sister Molly, the bridesmaid...

Couture wedding gown
$5,000 -

Miss Selfridge lace cocktail dress
85 GBP -

Nine West high heels
$90 -

Kg high heels
109 GBP -

Dahlia white handbag
$224 -

Louis Vuitton pearl ring
$10,200 -

Bijoux Heart drop earring
$385 -

Kenneth Jay Lane pearl earring
146 EUR -

TIARA hair accessory
$225 -

Dior 'J'Adore' Jewel Box ($123 Value)
$102 -

Our wedding, Sept 2002


  1. Your dress is pretty!
    Love the effort you have put into your challenge. Lovely!
    We are currently in the process of planning a wedding for my step daughter. She gets married in October. Your post has given me some great ideas ...
    Thanks Thea!
    PS I am FARRRRRR to young to be her actual mother by the way ... in case you were wondering ... FARRRRRR to young :)

  2. Love both your real wedding dress and what's in your set! The one in the set looks very REGAL. Loving the lace.

  3. I love it! That dress is so gorgeous! Seriously amazing.

    I LOVE your dress too. The pink is beautiful.

  4. Love both the dresses and love that you wore pink! I wore pink, green and red. You can see it here:

    I secretly love that I wore colour before it was "fashionable" because I didn't do it for fashion, I did it because it perfectly reflected/s "me"!

  5. That wedding dress is so romantic and i love both sets of shoes! Also bonus points for making me giggle by naming Polly's sister Molly :)

  6. Pretty, pretty, pretty!!!!

    Loving your style, always!

  7. A stunning set, Ms Thea. Just so beautiful. You would make an excellent wedding planner, you just love a good wedding so darn much.

    Has the royal wedding countdown started yet? I expected to see a countdown ticker... ;)

  8. I'm a little bit in love with this set. So pretty.


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