Friday, May 6, 2011

Dag It Up Friday

I'm dagging it up today.
I have on my oldest navy 3/4 track pants, my oldest navy polo shirt, and my new fluffy slippers.
My hair is pulled back into a pony tail, which is how I wear it most of the time anyhow.

Glamorous, no?
I am in dag heaven.
It's my favourite house uniform.
Perfect for doing the housework, sitting on the floor playing with my Miss 3 or just lazing on the couch...if I get a minute!
Not so good if the delivery man comes to the door, but he's a nice old guy and has seen me in my uniform plenty of times.
The only problem is having to get changed every time I leave the house, which could be up to five times a day with school runs, shopping trips and appointments.

So, do you dag it up at home?
Or are you always looking gorgeous?


  1. I just went out to get mail off the postman wearing EA's Top Gear pyjama pants and his old, pilling, Eveready tshirt. My hair hasn't been brushed in at least 2 days (and is a curly mess) and I look as though I haven't slept in days, because I haven't!

    I'd have a shower if our house had any water, but inexplicably it's not working...

    I'm off to Big W when I do my groceries later to find myself some new slippers for this winter.

    We can be dags together!

  2. We've been to work this morning and I've had my shower and now I am comfy cosy in my loose-fitting trackie-dackies and a tunic top. No shoes - but I might have to hunt up some socks as my feet are a bit cold.
    I used to be one of those ladies who always wore make up and always wore flattering clothes, even when I was just doing the housework.
    But I'm so far past my use-by date now that even the nicest wrapping won't improve the package quality. Glamour now gives way to comfort.
    Once the winter really sets in I'll be even more daggy in my big jackets and my Ugg boots!

  3. I live in shorts, t-shirts and thongs. I am always in dag heaven. Dressing up in anyway is definitely a rare occasion.

  4. My velour sweatpants and my grey flannel t shirt are probably my most comfortable and favourite items in my wardrobe. I like to dress up when I go out but am a total comfort girl at home.

  5. This morning I started out OK (OK for me that is). I left home in a cute top and scarf over my newly acquired skinny leg jeans (my very first pair - the novelty that I'm wearing them, and in public hasn't worn off yet!) and a nice pair of ballet flats.

    Fast forward to school pick up this afternoon and I was all dagged out - old denim shorts, same cute top sans the scarf plus maybe some random kid dirt and my favourite, although not my best, Havaianas.

    Yep it is so the end of the week!

  6. I think I'm doing well if the delivery man comes and I'm not in my dressing gown!!


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