Saturday, July 23, 2011

Random Gripes

You know those big electronic signs that overhang the highway?
The ones that say...


When I see them I want to say...



Our local radio station sucks...there is no other word for it.
I'm sure their music library ends at 1999.
I'm not sure if someone forgot what century we are in,
or if someone just has crappy-pub-music taste.


When our two kids constantly fight over everything in the car
and I tell my boy we'll stop and he can walk home
(yeah, I kids actually fall for that one!)
and he cries and tells me I hurt his feelings...
I say, "Well you hurt my feelings, too! And I'm sick of it!!"



That's better.

Sometimes you just need to get it off your chest, don't you?

Do you have anything you'd like to get off your chest??


  1. Haha yes I often find it helps to get up on my soap box and have a little rant.
    I need to do this at least once a week.

    When it comes to kids you might find this link a little amusing:
    Unrelated to kids in the car but funny none the less.

    Maybe you could read it to them tonight? lolll ;)

  2. Oh yes! I had to stop myself from writing it on my own blog, but you asked so I can let my snarkiness out, "$10 pp to 2 min ride on the mini roller coaster at the Cairns Show?!! You have got to be freakin' kidding me! We dropped almost $300 for our family of four at the Show yesterday and got about $50 worth of value. Not Happy Jan. Highway robbery I tell you, highway robbery. And the real kicker? We have to do it all again next year, because the kids love it so much. There ought to be a law..."

    There. Much better. Thanks for that.

  3. Well all of you who have "kids"it doesnt stop when they grow up.LOL.I needed to tell my youngest who is 26 to stop rolling her sheer curtains up when she puts up the windows for some cool air.I thought last night was a bit cooler and turned off the air.But I guess I was

  4. rant? REALLY? let me start with the climate change deniers and those of them who would make us believe we will all lose our jobs and DIE of starvation thanks to the carbon tax. REALLY … and just where did you get the money for those ads? then let's move onto those who tell us the universe will implode because we have plain packaged cigarettes. REALLY … and just where did you get the money for THOSE ads. and let's go back a little and look at the resource super profits tax that was going to ruin our economy if the big boys didn't make a trillion tax-free dollars every month, and THAT ad campaign. oh, REALLY? REALLY … and just where did YOU get the money for those ads …

    i guess you have figured out that self-servicing morons who would rather spend ALL that money on protecting their own interests rather than raise a FINGER to help the general population … are HIGH on my list of stabby-makers …

    hah! feel a little better now, for a little while. xt


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