Friday, July 8, 2011

Thank You For The Writing

Thank you for the writing, the words I'm reading
Thanks for all the joy they're bringing
Who can live without it, I ask in all honesty
What would life be?
Without a page or a book what are we?
So I say thank you for the writing
For giving it to me.

Yes, I've tweaked Abba's song a little. But it works don't you think?

I've just finished reading Kerri Sackville's book When My Husband Does the Dishes and I loved it. There was never any doubt that I would! I'm not good at reviews, so I'm not reviewing the book. But let me just say, it's ridiculously relatable! It's so good to laugh at the things the make us go *ugh* most days. And I found myself seriously chuckling on pretty much every page.

One of the most wonderful things, for me, about social media is being able to interact with the author of the book you're reading. If you tweet me, I consider you my Twitter buddy. So now I'm twitter buddies with authors such as Kylie Ladd, Lisa Heidke, Fleur MacDonald, Wendy Palmer, Sara Foster and Kerri Sackville. And that to me is very cool!

After tweeting with Kerri for about two years I feel like she is an old friend and when I found actively sought out her book on the shelf of a book store I told husband I had to buy it because she's my twitter friend. He gave me the are-you-nuts look but I do feel that way. Kerri always replies on Twitter and she is nine days older than me, so it's like we're twins, but not.

Anyway, before I sound like a crazed fan (too late?) I just want to say thank you, Kerri.
Thank you and everyone else who has written a book, or has a book in them just itching to get out. I don't have a writer's bone in my body, but my sister does so I see the struggle and I understand how difficult it is to get your words out there.

To all the writers...

I applaud you
I salute you
I thank you


  1. Don't be absurd. I'm NINE YEARS YOUNGER THAN YOU. *coughs and hopes someone believes me*
    And you are SO welcome xxxxxxx

  2. Fantastic Abba tweet. And keep writing Thea, for you are also a writer. xo

  3. Awesome Thea! And yeah, I'm a bit in Awe of Ms K. Sackville too. x

  4. Thank you for reading us! There are no writers without readers. WE LOVE YOU!!

  5. Great post! So true, it is amazing reading books and knowing that someone spent hours writing it to have me read it hahaha...... its beautiful.

  6. Great tweak of the words and a good post Thea. I am sorry to admit I have never heard of any of these authors, but then maybe they are not published in Europe?
    I certainly admire any one that can write a book which is why I always feel badly when I have to admit to not liking a book in a review :(

  7. Thea, I asked Will to get it for me for my birthday and I am loving it. Like you said, I chuckle on practically every page.

    Love your Abba tweak, see you tomorrow for Sunday Session.


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