Friday, October 28, 2011

Friday Funny - Giggles

The fabulous Shelly from Tropical Mum has just come up with a brilliant linky idea.
Each Friday she is going to post something funny...
an old or new post
a video
a joke
a picture...

And because I haven't quite filled my week with linkies yet...I'm only 2 off now I think...
I'm joining in!

I posted this ages ago.
And now I think it's time to give it another run.
This is my now 7 year old boy, when he was 18 months old.
His Dad is showing him the coin trick!

Try not to smile while you're watching this....

Linking this post with Shelly's

Be sure to click on the button for some more giggles.


  1. Thanks Thea for joining in! This video is so funny, I hope you remember to show this at your boy's 21st. It made me giggle!

  2. SO cute! My 5yo made me watch it a second time ;)

  3. Adorable! Giggling babies are a crack-up! xx

  4. That's just adorable - and infectious!

  5. Very cute - You're right I couldn't NOT smile :)

  6. Your boy has the cutest chuckle - I could do that trick all day for that laugh ;)

  7. There's nothing in this world like a little ones laugh! Thanks for sharing... too cute!!!


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