Saturday, November 12, 2011

The 52 Week Project - Shopping

Every week I'll be linking with @mymummydaze and her "52 Week Project".

She says...

No, this isn’t a diet or exercise regime. It’s not a responsible financial system or an abstinence program. It’s not even a relationship-building sex challenge (although that does sound fun). Although I’m sure I could benefit from all of these year-long challenges, this is much simpler with no great philosophy or life-changing aims underpinning it. It’s a weekly photography self-portrait challenge.

Today I realized I hadn't taken a photo of myself for The 52 Week Project yet this week!
So just before we saw 'The Smurfs' at Sunshine Plaza, I snapped this.
As you can see, I was a wee bit embarrassed taking a photo of myself in public.
So it was the one and only photo I took!
How embarrassment

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  1. Haha, I totally get that Thea! I tried to do a self taken shot of myself and Angus when we were on the ferry the other day... it didn't turn out too well as I couldn't relax well enough :o/
    I think you've done a lovely job of your self portrait :o)
    How cool you got to see The Smurfs! xo

  2. Hee hee.
    It's an uncomfortable feeling, isn't it?
    Well done!

  3. It does feel pretty odd, but it does get easier. Love your sunnies! xx

  4. And I was thinking that you just weren't looking forward to seeing The Smurfs!

    Look at it from this perspective, you weren't taking a picture of yourself naked or in a compromising position in public, so you have nothing to worry about :)


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