Friday, February 24, 2012

Friday Funny - Seinfeld

The fabulous Shelly from Tropical Mum has come up with a brilliant linky idea.
Each Friday she'll post something funny...
an old or new post
a video
a joke
a picture...

And this week...
I'm joining in!

After watching Shelly's funnies this morning I decided to run with a Seinfeld theme.
God, I loved that show.
What's funnier than watching Seinfeld?
Watching them laugh at themselves!

Linking this post with Shelly's

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  1. Not having pay TV, I haven't seen Seinfeld in years. Thanks for sharing the bloopers, funny indeed!

    But what really strikes me is how young they all look... makes me feel old! ;-)

  2. I had a love/hate relationship with Seinfeld (the programme of course). I loved the show but for a while there, Channel 10 used to play the episodes TO DEATH, so I became sick of Seinfeld. Now, it's been a while so I can appreciate it again. Thanks for linking up!

  3. I never really watched Seinfeld, the way I watched other sitcoms like Friends, and Everybody loves Raymond. But these guys are masters of their craft, even when they have crack-up sessions like these. I watched the whole 9 minutes and 10 seconds! xx

  4. I love outtakes, it always makes acting look like fun.


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