Friday, March 23, 2012

Friday Funny - Toto & a Moray

The fabulous Shelly from Tropical Mum has come up with a brilliant linky idea.
Each Friday she'll post something funny...
an old or new post
a video
a joke
a picture...

And this week...
I'm joining in!

Today I have two.
I found these on Facebook and they made me giggle.

Hope you giggled, too.
 I'm linking this post with Shelly's

Be sure to click on the button for some more giggles.


  1. I had seen the Dorothy one, but not the moray one. Ha! I guffawed! xx

  2. hadn't seen either!! VERY funny :) I like it!!

    Now I am going to have both songs in my head all day :P

  3. I loved the second one. It really made me laugh. I tried to explain it to Mstr6, but he just looked at me blankly. Oh well, there's still time for him to learn my punny sense of humour.

  4. I saw them on Facebook as well this week. Really like the Toto one.


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